eLearning conference: Knolyx in Sweden

That’s an important question, which should guide all of our learning and development decisions. Learning is universal, but the way in which information should be delivered is constantly changing. That’s why eLearning has appeared, after all. 

How do we start? With engagement. That’s the key element of innovation in a company: involving its members in its growth, while also caring for each member’s professional development. 

“Knolyx is a totally new ecosystem, build from the ground up, that put the employees in the centre of all learning activities, empowering them to create their own learning journey”, Adrian says. Why? Because it all starts with people. Knolyx provides communities of practice, in which ideas can be fostered and multiplied, leading to effective learning strategies and to actual involvement. 

But there’s not only engagements. Knolyx provides its users with a variety of features, all designed to make the training delivery more efficient. Check them out and drop us a line in case you want to implement them among your employees.