LMS review from RE/MAX

The short answer is: because it offers an efficient solution to training and development needs. That’s why Knolyx was created: to make a change in the business environment and in the way in which knowledge is delivered, by making the learning process more efficient and adapted to nowadays requirements. 

But what are needs learning needs?

Well, you know what yours are. They are different for each company and team, based on its goals and learning culture. But let’s see what these learning needs are for RE/MAX and how the partnership with Knolyx turned them into achievements. 

“I’ve search a lot for platforms and I find that Knolyx is the best for us. The main reason we chose it is because you can organise and establish learning paths for newcomers, you can find evaluation tests for each step of the training and it is available on every device.” 

Thus, learning paths, effective testing options and increased accessibility. If these aspects of the learning process sound familiar to you, drop us a line.