LMS review: why would you choose Knolyx?

There are various answers to this question and they all depend on you. Your training and development needs, your learning culture, your business objectives – they should guide you in choosing an eLearning platform. 

But, in case you need some inspiration, this video should help.

Madi Radulescu talks on behalf of her company, MMM Consulting, giving us an overview on how Knolyx has become a part of their training and development process. 

“Sometimes, because our programs take even one year […] and we work with people who are spread all over Europe in international teams, we were looking for a collaborative platform.”, Madi says. 

And what can Knolyx do about that? Well, we can provide the collaborative environment, encouraging social learning and makings the learning process more accessible. 

And that’s exactly what MMM Consulting has found in our partnership. “This is what we found at Knolyx, a platform where not only can we upload all our materials and resources, but even our participants may upload their work, they are supposed to work in projects and communicate between them.”

If you’re looking for a partner in efficiently delivering knowledge by means of an online learning platform, drop us a line.