We bring a complete learning ecosystem aligned with corporate culture with thrilling experiences for innovative companies!

Bring your training partners, internal trainers, employees and customers to one place and start spreading knowledge.

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We bring a complete learning ecosystem aligned with corporate culture with thrilling experiences for innovative companies!
Enhance Learning
Create an engaging experience by making learning fun and interactive for your students and employees.
Spend time efficiently
With the automation feature, you’ll be able to define career paths and organize training sessions in no time.
Your mark
Have it your way. Bring together your learning experience, student history, partners, branding and style.
Analyze, overview and control
Stay updated and discover precious insights with detailed business analytics and intuitive dashboard.

Employ a natural and efficient learning environment 

With an intuitive interface, flexible training techniques and comprehensive business intelligence tools, Knolyx will help you step up the learning game.

Improve your training company
Improve your corporate HR department
Improve your customer training and sales support

Invest your precious time in meaningful activities

You choose how to spread knowledge: online or offline, formal or informal, pre-programmed or self-paced. 

Ensure a good communication between all your internal and external trainers, customers and students by connecting them in one place. 
Seamlessly upload and create your e-learning courses: presentations, interactive applications, video materials and so on. 
Use the automation feature to allocate online courses, organize online live webinars and offline trainings.   
Have an in-depth overview of your activity with Knolyx’s intuitive dashboard. 
Easily keep track of important aspects for your business using detailed statistics and financial reports. 

Save time, energy and employ more efficient

Reduce on-boarding time significantly; teach your existing teams new skills and technologies while ensuring dissemination and compliance for corporate culture.

Bring together all your internal trainers, training partners and employees into one platform.
Easily define career paths for your employees.  
The automation feature will help you rapidly create classes, allocate online courses, organize online live webinars or offline trainings. 
It’s never been easier to keep track of the learning and certification of every employee, including any trainings and events outside Knolyx.
Using Knolyx’s intuitive dashboard, you’ll have an overview of your entire activity. 
Overcome and keep things under control with the help of detailed reports. You’ll be able to check on training hours and success scores, trainer track record, assessment results and financial situation.   

Satisfy more customers and sale more efficiently

Seamlessly educate your customers to benefit from your complex product or technology.

Define training paths and connect your training personnel, your customers and students groups with Knolyx. 
Use your creativity and combine online learning techniques with traditional classes to achieve the best results.   
Improve the training courses by assessing your customer’s employees.
Using Knolyx’s intuitive dashboard, you’ll have a complete overview on your activity. 
Analyze and overcome using detailed reports which you can export for further analysis.
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