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Information. It is everywhere you look. Written, spoken, coded, drawn or expressed however one feels. No matter who you are and what path you chose in life, information follows you everywhere and fresh news pop up just around the corner. 
And sometimes it gets confusing. And tiring. And you almost feel like you miss the point to most of the content that passes you by. And it is almost like you wish you had the key to decipher it all.
Now you do. On one of the most innovative, tech driven and well put knowledge platforms there is. Meet Knolyx, your new teacher, trainer, friend and confident. The one platform that brings a complete learning ecosystem aligned with corporate culture with thrilling experiences for innovative companies. Being one of the top 20 Learning Platforms in the world according to elearningindustry.com while making a big impression on lms.org, Knolyx has a lot to unfold. 
Knolyx About Us

Our statements?

We connect the dots

Between experienced trainers, company managers that care for their teams and employees that are thirsty for always knowing more.

We always manage to fit your needs

By running on a subscription-based model while also allowing the access to a large learning E-store, so that no one with a need for knowledge gets left behind. Moreover, everything you see, even if you are a trainer who wants to share more or a company manager who wishes to discover a certain topic, is purely customizable. 

We use all the guns we have in store

Which include AI face recognition, blockchains, intelligent chatbots, live streams, challenges and rewarding systems that matter. But we don’t forget to remain down to Earth and embrace the power of face to face learning.