We believe knowledge is enlightening

LMS is the key to nowadays learning. Thus, we designed Knolyx, a global learning management system, to bring knowledge closer to people by making it fun and interactive, efficient and goal-driven, adaptive to our clients’ needs.

We employ a gamification system to engage the students, communities of practice to encourage people to share knowledge and a series of innovative tools such as real life scenarios.

customisable approach

Connect the dots

Between knowledge seekers: experienced trainers, company managers and employees.


Focus on your needs​

Meet your adaptive and customized LMS and make the most out of its features.

continuous learning

LMS innovative features

Such as blockchains, intelligent chatbots, live streams and rewarding systems.

Choose the right plan for you

You can monitor students’ activity and progress, you can generate activity reports and access in-depth statistics. Everything is there.

Knolyx is a trusted partner