20 Apr 2017, written by Knolyx

Engagement in learning with gamification and other Methods

The current training methods are increasingly diverse, one of which is the Gamification method, a method that can be applied to elements and also strategy games into the context of a non-game. 

The game uses a very different method of gamification with Game-based Learning. In game-based learning, a professional IT training and training staff associate an existing game with material being studied, while the implementation of the Gamification that is a game designed for the purposes of the material being studied.

However, to apply this Gamification any processes which must be involved in the gamification method on a professional training course so that quality assurance can be assured when selecting prospective employees depending on the:

1. What is the HRD has been set?

2. What is the main problem an employee’s?

3. What will be achieved by the training conducted through this gamification?

Generally, the method of adopting gamification one of the few game mechanics that already exist, for example

Badges, with a trainee professional development will be getting an award for which he has done, this is similar to the compensation he should get the top job he has done. Therefore should the existence of a tribute so that employees feel appreciated for what he had done for the company. 

For example, suppose application when held a staff training for employees is, 1st attendance (first employees were present in a training), Speak Out (the most active Employees when the training took place), or it could be the Best Group (a group of employees in the best training).

Leaderboard, which displays the results of the achievement of all employees between one employee with other employees with the highest rank of the order up to the lowest. 

Own Leaderboards can spur positive competition among employees in already applied.

The Quest, as well as the direction for what has been done in an employee training, the  quest can also be used by the HRD suppose by agile HR as a benchmark performance of employees while conducting training. How quest can be resolved and also the extent to which success rates when running it.

Up to this point

The method gamification has been successful in various corporate environments to apply in various countries, as well as methods of Xerox which is a method that has been used by a company for training for the Manager. 

Gamification implementation concept could also with the concept of online games that can increase brand awareness, and could provide education for employee’s even wider community.

Training and learning methods with the use of gamification can change the training process that was boring and had to take quite a long time, now can be more efficient.

 In fact, during the training program, each employee does not have to follow the schedule as well as in the training venue for the tailor, but, each trainee can do so according to the time it wants.

 Because the Gamification method which uses the training can be done at any time and also wherever.

Real User Example

This thing I've experienced when participating in an application development training IT Courses based online devoted to application developers, and the lesson using the method Gamification method in which participants will be given a variety of challenges that can be carried out in accordance with the areas of application development is desired and can be done anywhere, before working on the challenges typically first given material and tutorials. 

For every challenge that I finished working on, I will be given in the form of points that can be exchanged for rewards in accordance with the catalogue prepared by organizers. And adjusted to the reward points I have. 

Not only that, I am also, as participants will also get a reward other non-material in the form of XP, XP is the reputation points (surrogate rank) that developers and the numbers are not reduced. But the reward in the form of XP this cannot be exchanged for gifts.

In IT training were also there is some category i.e., event, Challenge and the academy where each of those categories of quantity and XP points are different, for example for the category of Challenges typically will earn points and XP, for category event I just get a reward in the form of Points, a category the academy reward in the form of points and XP with quantities not equal.

I follow the training using the method gamification which adopted the game mechanics that where its Budges is a reward for the follow event, the academy and the challenge that was given, to Leaderboard in the form of points and XP are sorted by the achievement of participants in training and his Quest to be the challenges be competed with other participants. 

The effect I get when it is wanted to collect as many points as possible so I can exchange with the desired reward points and collect XP to build up a good reputation among the other participants, and indirectly motivated me to follow a more quest.

Final Thoughts

So the conclusion could be ascertained in the process of implementation of the gamification for training and learning within organizations, companies and so on are as follows:

  • With gamification, methods can give very significant influence to "seize power" (memory).
  • How the submission materials become more interesting and fun.
  • Gamification can be used for various purposes, such as training and learning, content marketing.
  • In using the method of gamification the most important is not how this forms of the game, but most importantly how to make training more interesting process and how the participants more involved more.