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Category: Agile

3 m read
13 Apr, 2023
10 Ways eLearning Can Benefit Your Professional Development
E-learning offers a flexible and personalized approach to professional development,…
3 m read
20 Mar, 2023
Testing the limits: innovative approaches for knowledge assessment in organizations
Have you ever wondered how much your employees really know…
3 m read
22 Dec, 2022
Online learning fatigue: the challenge of remote training
Online learning fatigue refers to the feeling of exhaustion, and…
3 m read
3 Aug, 2022
How companies can evolve their learning culture with eLearning
A learning culture is “one in which employees continuously seek,…
3 m read
17 Mar, 2022
Adaptive learning organisations: key characteristics
Adaptive learning organisations drive performance and adaptive leadership, leverage technology…
3 m read
3 Mar, 2022
Adaptive learning organisations, an ace up L&Ds’ sleeve
Adaptive learning involves any training design that tailors a learning…
3 m read
13 Aug, 2021
Learning specialists: how do they measure impact?
The work of learning specialists comes with a lot of…
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