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Category: Corporate Training

3 m read
16 Jan, 2024
Choosing an eLearning Platform in 2024: 5 Critical Questions to Ask
Explore eLearning Platforms in 2024 with our expert guide. Learn…
3 m read
30 Oct, 2023
Corporate Training in a Virtual World: The Power of Remote Learning
Remote learning is no longer a fleeting trend—it's here to…
3 m read
22 Sep, 2023
Learning Paths in eLearning: Crafting Tailored Training for Success
Unlock the potential of eLearning with personalized learning paths. Discover…
3 m read
18 Sep, 2023
A Guide to Training Gen Z: Navigating the E-Learning Landscape
Unlock the Secrets of Gen Z Learning - Explore Training…
3 m read
1 Sep, 2023
Crafting an Effective Training Needs Assessment Questionnaire: Key Components and Best Practices
Enhance employee growth and training effectiveness with a well-structured Training…
3 m read
11 Aug, 2023
Training Feedback: Empowering Marketing Experts to Elevate Strategies
Optimize your marketing prowess through training feedback. Learn how sharing…
4 m read
16 Jun, 2023
Online Corporate Training: 7 Essential Aspects for Staying Relevant in the Modern Workplace
Learn the 7 essential aspects of relevant online corporate training…
3 m read
9 Jun, 2023
A Practical Approach to Finding the Perfect Online Learning Platform for Your Company
Embark on a practical journey to find your company's perfect…
3 m read
21 Apr, 2023
Soft Skills eLearning: The Key to Unlocking Your Career Success
Soft skills eLearning courses can provide a flexible and affordable…
3 m read
20 Feb, 2023
High-impact learning culture: 3 steps to generate valuable learning
Implementing a high-impact learning culture is a continuous process that…
3 m read
3 Feb, 2023
High-impact learning culture: an introduction
Organizations usually adopt a high-impact learning culture that provides constant…
3 m read
13 Sep, 2022
Training feedback: what should it include?
Every training feedback has its own specificities, its own desired…
3 m read
11 Aug, 2022
Learning theories you can use when training your employees
These learning theories appeared as an attempt by philosophers, psychologists,…
3 m read
17 Jun, 2022
Content creation company & eLearning: why should they team up?
What are the needs of a content creation company?
3 m read
28 Mar, 2022
Mandatory training: how to deliver it efficiently
What's mandatory training and how can you turn it from…
3 m read
12 Nov, 2021
Why should you start building a learning culture right now?
Develop a learning cultures among employees to prepare them for…
2 m read
28 Oct, 2021
Add design thinking to your learning strategy
What's design thinking? Learn how it can be a key…
3 m read
21 Oct, 2021
Continuous training: why is it a key factor for (corporate) development?
What's continuous training and how does it change the way…
3 m read
23 Sep, 2021
How to overcome boredom during online training programs
Online training programs come with lots of benefits, but they…
3 m read
3 Sep, 2021
Training millennials: how to do it efficiently
Millennials are expected to make up 75% of the global…
2 m read
18 Feb, 2021
The best learning management systems (2021)
There are a lot of learning management systems out there,…
3 m read
27 Nov, 2020
10 tips to motivate adult learners
How do you motivate adult learners to keep learning when…
3 m read
20 Nov, 2020
How To Create Learning Solutions Centered In Learners
How can you develop learning solutions that are actually centred…
2 m read
9 Sep, 2020
Why should you implement a learning culture?
Nurturing a learning culture within your organisation pays of on…
3 m read
9 Jun, 2020
Where Companies Go Wrong: Training and Development
How can companies efficiently use a LMS for their corporate…
3 m read
3 Jun, 2020
Why Smart Companies Use Workforce Training
Have you ever wondered what's the difference between a growing…
3 m read
22 May, 2020
Training Methods for Corporate Learning
What's the best approach in terms on training methods when…
3 m read
18 May, 2020
The Future of Corporate Training Industry
How does the future of corporate training industry looks like…
4 m read
25 Feb, 2020
Why continuous learning is important (nowadays)
Continuous learning is the secret of every successful individual out…
2 m read
12 Dec, 2019
The importance of lifelong learning
Why should you invest in lifelong learning and what does…
3 m read
10 Dec, 2019
Learning styles (7): how we learn is important
Learning styles should always guide the training process in order…
3 m read
22 Nov, 2019
Great learning habits
It is important to develop constant learning habits, as they…
2 m read
14 Nov, 2019
Learning types: learn efficiently
Learning types: what's yours and how do you make the…
3 m read
11 Sep, 2019
How to reinforce learning after (corporate) trainings
Reinforce learning over and over again, it's a smart move.…
3 m read
7 Aug, 2019
Blended learning in corporate training
Why should you use a blended learning approach in your…
3 m read
2 Aug, 2019
Online corporate training
Online corporate training is a great choice, but learn how…
4 m read
18 Jul, 2019
Efficient learning: challenges and solutions
How do you deliver efficient learning? Well, there are many…
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