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Category: eLearning

3 m read
26 Jan, 2024
Soft Skills Mastery 2024: Navigating the Future Workplace
Unlock success in 2024 with vital soft skills for work…
3 m read
11 Dec, 2023
Adult Education: A Comprehensive Guide to Crafting Effective Learning Goals
Explore the art of setting effective learning goals in adult…
3 m read
30 Nov, 2023
Assessing Your Investment in Personal Development This Year
Join us in a reflective journey through the year's evolution…
3 m read
10 Nov, 2023
Why You Need Communities of Practice in Your Learning Environment
Discover the transformative power of Communities of Practice in eLearning.…
3 m read
3 Nov, 2023
The Key to Effective Adult Learning: Mastering Essential Principles
Adult learning is a special kind of education that considers…
2 m read
20 Oct, 2023
In eLearning, Personal Growth is Non-Negotiable: The Knolyx Approach
Discover Knolyx: Explore Our Innovative Approach to Learning and Our…
3 m read
25 Aug, 2023
20 Questions to Ask When Choosing an eLearning Platform for Your Freelance Training Business
Discover the world of freelance training in the realm of…
3 m read
3 Aug, 2023
Mobile Learning in eLearning: Revolutionizing Education on the Go
Discover the revolutionary impact of Mobile Learning in eLearning, empowering…
4 m read
24 Jul, 2023
From Ordinary to Extraordinary: How eLearning Transforms Training Journeys
Explore the transformative world of eLearning with impactful aspects like…
3 m read
12 Jul, 2023
From Novice to Expert: Accelerating Learning with Tailored Learning Paths in eLearning
Discover the purpose and benefits of learning paths in eLearning.…
3 m read
3 Jul, 2023
Empowering Freelance Trainers: Harnessing the Potential of an eLearning Platform
Discover how freelance trainers can benefit from an eLearning platform.…
4 m read
23 Jun, 2023
eLearning Explored: Perceptions and Impact of Online Education
Discover the transformative journey of eLearning in the digital age…
4 m read
31 May, 2023
Unleashing the Potential of eLearning for Training Companies: 15 Must-Ask Questions
Explore the potential of eLearning for training companies. Discover the…
4 m read
22 May, 2023
25 Questions for Building Better Training Programs: A Guide for HR Managers
Empower your workforce with effective training programs. Discover 25 key…
7 m read
10 Apr, 2023
Best Feedback Forms For Training Sessions: 6 Templates
By analysing the data collected from your feedback forms, you…
4 m read
30 Mar, 2023
Empower Your Training Feedback: A Must-Have Guide for Healthcare Professionals
Training feedback helps healthcare professionals to gauge their performance and…
3 m read
10 Mar, 2023
Knowledge assessment: the indispensable professional aspect not to be overlooked
Knowledge assessment, in the form of employee assessment tests, refers…
3 m read
27 Jan, 2023
Learning transfer: how to improve it and increase the value of learning (2)
Learning transfer further influences productivity, knowledge retention, and the extent…
3 m read
20 Jan, 2023
Learning transfer: how to improve it and increase the value of learning
Learning transfer “occurs when people apply information, strategies, and skills…
3 m read
13 Jan, 2023
Freelance trainer: have you ever fancied becoming one?
You have been delivering trainings for your organization for a…
3 m read
6 Jan, 2023
eLearning freelancers: an LMS might prove valuable in your activity
eLearning freelancers, we admire your work and we think you…
3 m read
14 Dec, 2022
The challenging journey from knowledge to skills
How many courses have you taken that actually taught you…
3 m read
8 Dec, 2022
eLearning lessons we've learned in 2022
We are happy that you’ve been here with us throughout…
3 m read
29 Nov, 2022
eLearning trends for 2023: what to expect and how to get ready
What will happen to the eLearning industry in 2023? What…
3 m read
25 Nov, 2022
Can you increase the ROI through eLearning?
We’ve already talked over and over again about the benefits…
3 m read
17 Nov, 2022
eLearning: can it put a stop to the quiet quitting phenomenon?
What is quiet quitting and how can this phenomenon be…
3 m read
10 Nov, 2022
eLearning: 5 tips & tricks for a better experience
How can you make the most of your eLearning experiences?…
3 m read
3 Nov, 2022
An introduction to blended learning models (5)
In other words, a blended learning approach combines the benefits…
3 m read
26 Oct, 2022
3 top LMS features that will improve your learning experience in no time (2)
We talked before about the importance of using an LMS,…
3 m read
19 Oct, 2022
3 top LMS features that will improve your learning experience in no time
What are the LMS features that you need to make…
3 m read
3 Oct, 2022
Learner-centered approach: your valuable asset in the training process (2)
We talked in a previous article about the importance of…
3 m read
27 Sep, 2022
Learner-centered approach: your valuable asset in the training process
A learner-centered approach is one where the entire learning process…
3 m read
2 Sep, 2022
Creative thinking: foster it through eLearning
Innovation is impossible in the absence of creativity. So we…
3 m read
23 Aug, 2022
eLearning quotes: what do people have to say about online learning? (2)
Education has changed dramatically over the years, impacting the way…
3 m read
27 Jul, 2022
The journey of eLearning across the business world
Have you ever wondered what the team behind an eLearning…
3 m read
21 Jul, 2022
Hybrid learning: an impactful approach during these challenging times
What's hybrid learning and why it is an effective approach…
3 m read
15 Jul, 2022
How can content creation companies deepen the relationship with customers through eLearning?
By content creation companies, we refer to all the training…
3 m read
6 Jul, 2022
How do you nurture a continuous learning culture among employees?
The concept of continuous learning has been a buzzword lately,…
3 m read
30 Jun, 2022
What are the advantages of online onboarding?
What does onboarding done well means and how can you…
3 m read
23 Jun, 2022
How can eLearning augment the F2F classes in an academic environment?
eLearning has changed the face of higher education and it…
3 m read
6 Jun, 2022
Mandatory training & eLearning: an effective asset
As many of you have already experienced, there are certain…
3 m read
3 Jun, 2022
How can students benefit from a blended learning approach?
Blended learning is a way of studying a subject that…
3 m read
27 May, 2022
Can you actually reduce training costs without compromising quality?
People tend to believe that one of the greatest benefits…
3 m read
18 May, 2022
Content distribution strategy with eLearning
Content creation companies must have been challenged at least once…
3 m read
24 Feb, 2022
Learning retention: how to effectively improve it in an online environment
What’s the main purpose of any training program? Why do…
3 m read
17 Feb, 2022
eLearning trends in 2022: what should you expect?
What are the eLearning trends that challenge the learning providers…
2 m read
22 Nov, 2021
Knowledge graph based learning paths for a successful eLearning
How can you integrate a knowledge graph in your eLearning…
3 m read
4 Nov, 2021
Adult learners: 6 key characteristics and how they influence learning
How do adult learners learn and what's important to them…
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