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Content distribution strategy with eLearning

Let’s dive into the world of content creation companies

Whether you are a representative of a content creation company that specializes in designing and producing learning content or of a training company that offers training as part of a complex product offering, you must have been challenged at least once by the process of administering and managing the content and its distribution to your customers. All the time and energy invested in finding efficient ways to make your learning content available for your customers, while also keeping track of how they use learning resources is a waste and it can be replaced with an eLearning platform that manages the distribution of the learning content. 

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Content creation companies & LMS

Current approach vs effective approach

In the early days of online learning, human resource departments used their corporate intranet or basic learning management systems to deliver educational information to internal employees. These days, the online learning business has expanded to organizations looking to sell courseware to clients and partners outside of their organization to generate profit. (source)

But even if the online learning business has gained a new perspective during the last years, when it comes to managing learning content, the flow of business is usually the following: the content is created, then the training company establishes usage terms with their customers, such as how long the course is available, the the administrative process is managing directly with the customers, which means constant discussions about how many new employees have joined a company and need access to the training materials, when their license expire, if there’s an update on the training materials and so on.

All this timely process can be turned into an effective process by using an eLearning platform, and these are the benefits that we have discovered while working with content creation companies. 

Content creation companies & eLearning

There are various needs that we’ve identified when it comes to content creation companies such as the one you are working for. 

  1. Managing the content and its distribution to specific companies using a white-label product that enhances product offering and created a familiar learning environment

White-labeling is an important tool for the content creation companies because it offers them an online learning environment that meets their own branding. Moreover, another eLearning feature which is important when it comes to training companies is that of a multi-tenant platform, which means that content creations companies can use the LMS to create landing pages that allow their clients and partners controlled access to courses and reports. What’s the benefit of that? That a specific training company can manage a large client base at the same time, using only one eLearning platform, while giving each client a customized branded learning experience. 

  1. Foster collaboration between learners

This might come as a bonus, but one of the aspects that has been really important for our clients was the possibility to foster collaboration and internal communication between learners, which is made possible by means of the communities of practice tool, a feature that was specifically designed for this purpose. How do communities of practice work? Employees become part of a learning community, they share information and they ask questions to advisors/mentors/trainers who are willing to take time to answer their questions, encouraging them to work together. 

  1. Enable the content creator to generate new revenue streams and deepen their relationships with customers

This is a topic that we’ll dive into at a deeper level in an upcoming blog post, but as an introduction to it, a significant additional commercial benefit to the Content creator is the revenue they will generate from selling access to the eLearning platform to their customers, on top of the content they already create, offering a complete learning experience, which also deepens the commercial needs between the content creation companies and the customers. 

Case study

One of our clients is MMM Consulting, which has an experience of over 15 years in delivering tailored training programs, with more than 1500 trainees from companies such as TAROM, Danone, Carrefour, Raiffeisen Bank, and so on. When we first discussed, in order to discover their objectives, they talked about their need to deliver effective training programs that enhance knowledge and skills for their clients, using the most efficient approach for them, which is that of hybrid learning.

They were specifically looking for a collaborative platform that could help them in delivering courses to two manufacturing companies with operations all over Europe, including Romania, over a timeframe of an year.

It’s been three years now since we started working together, and MMM Consulting now acts both as a client for Knolyx, using it as a learning environment for their training delivery programs, and as a reseller for their various clients. You can have a look here at this interview we did with Madi Rădulescu, Partner Manager at MMM Consulting, to learn more about how our eLearning platform met the expectations of a content creation company. 

Some (final) thoughts

We are familiar with the content creation process, we’ve done some research on the training field and we are always as up to date as we can be with how the training environment evolves. Thus, if you represent a content creation company and you want to change the training approach, drop us a line. Let’s see how we can offer a complete learning experience to your clients, with your content and our infrastructure, specifically designed to meet your needs.

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