Corporate training with eLearning

Corporate trainings - a must

With the business environment tremendously growing nowadays, the need for corporate trainings has turned into a must. The companies have to train their employees faster and more efficient in order to turn them into assets for the company objectives and to be sure that they are properly provided with the knowledge and skills they need.

But the members of the teams are so different in terms of assimilating information, so how do companies make sure that every employee fully benefits from corporate trainings in a manner that suits his or her learning needs? 

Well, the future of the training industry seems to be eLearning because it comes with a series of advantages oriented towards the corporate learning needs. 

Corporate training with eLearning

It is cheaper and engaging

We are aware of the HR budget challenges in general and in terms of the learning and development field in particular because of the constant need of training the employees. The eLearning approach checks both of the needs: the teams are trained properly and the HR budget issues are made easier.

To train a company that has a lot of employees involves huge costs, but these decrease using a learning management system because the training facilities costs are totally cut off the list. The learners can learn using their laptops and phones, so no more travel and accommodation costs.

Moreover, there is no cost when it comes to printing learning materials, because they are provided in an online form which further means no additional costs when using the same resources. One of the main issues when it comes to traditional trainings is the lack of interactivity which leads to learners' disengagement and further, to less efficient retention of knowledge.

What does an eLearning experience platform do to solve the problem? It comes with a variety of methods to increase the levels of interaction taking full advantage of the benefits of technology. For example, it uses a gamified approach to learning, which motivates the students in the learning process. 

See here how gamification is used on a LMS.


Also, a LMS offers the method of branching scenarios which provides learners with the opportunity to practice certain situations in a safe and virtual reality which increases their level of preparedness when they have to solve that situation in real life.

Also, micro-learning could be employed, meaning that the learners acquire knowledge in the form of bite-sized pieces, which is an effective way of learning because the rates of retention increase and, thus, the job performance. The students do not have to struggle with tons of information, but rather with the precise piece of content they need at a particular moment in their job.

You can find more info on micro-learning and its benefits right here.

A variety of programs and reports

With so many new jobs appearing lately, the corporate training needs involve a series of industries and a variety of skills in different areas. With a learning experience platform, companies can train their employees in any of these areas faster, using their own resources.

For example, a company does not necessarily need an outside trainer for teaching a skill, but rather an internal employee highly experienced in a specific field who can further pass on what he or she knows. In this way, the organisations evolves from within.

When it comes to be sure that your employees are compliant on items such as workplace safety and other valuable issues on your organisation, the tracking on their learning progress is more than important, because it allows you to have control on the process and the outcome of the knowledge delivery process.

On a learning experience platform, you have the possibility to track and report on user progress using the analytics section and also to monitor the time your employees spend on a specific class. 

See how it works on Knolyx here. 


Keep in mind! shape-1

The corporate training industry is constantly increasing due to the needs of the business world and a way to make the learning process more effective for your company and your teams is to use eLearning, from a series of reasons, as stated above: 

  • it is cheaper
  • is it more interactive which leads to higher retention rates
  • it offers a variety of courses
  • it provides in-depth analytics

 If you want to provide your employees with the knowledge and skills they need, check out this list of courses here


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