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eLearning lessons we've learned in 2022

2022 in a nutshell

We do not know about you, but we found 2022 challenging, interesting and a great opportunity for learning new things. Before telling you about what we’ve learned during this year in terms of eLearning, let’s wrap this year up, with some inspiration from this article written by the New York Times. According to them, many things happened for the first time this year, such as scientists pinpointing how star formation in our galaxy began, microplastics being detected in the human blood, ice shelves unfortunately collapsing in East Antarctica, NASA smashing a spacecraft into an asteroid in a plenary defense. What a time to be alive, right?

With so many new things happening for the first time, and so many others drastically changing this year, there are so many things to be learned, so many opportunities to grow, and no time to let days simply pass without investing in our development, either professionally or personally.

eLearning in 2022

We’ve seen what happened throughout the world this year, but let’s see where eLearning stands. According to a Forbes article, 64% of employees are thinking about leaving their job due to a lack of opportunities for skills development. That says a lot about how important it is for employees to develop, right?

Also, according to another study, “23% of people feel the biggest benefit of online education is the freedom to learn at a pace that suits them; similarly, the ability to learn from home (22%) and overall flexibility (20%) are also highly rated”. Another study based in the UK shows that among the most preferred learning methods in 2022, online videos rank first with 28,97%, closely followed by online courses with 28,48%. 

To wrap it up, people seem to want three things: learning opportunities, flexibility at the level of their learning journeys and training materials in the format of online courses. 

What we’ve learned

Working in the eLearning industry has been a privilege as always. We got to work with clients from different industries, we got to see learning from so many perspectives, we’ve been a part of different learning journeys, and we have also worked on our own learning paths. We have understood that flexibility and accessibility in learning are vital. We’ve also understood that it's important that eLearning is complementary to the other online platforms and websites people access everyday. We know that micro-learning is here to stay because people do not have time to go through pages and pages of learning resources anymore, they have well-structured learning materials that can be accessed in need. 

After years of working in the eLearning field, we also know that connectivity and social learning are essential. It is important to offer peer-to-peer learning opportunities at the level of an eLearning platform and to make sure that people have access to groups and channels where they can share their expertise and learn from each other. This is a must at the level of corporations, but also at the level of universities, where students should make the most of their online learning experience, without losing the benefits of social learning and interaction with their colleagues. 

Also, in 2022 we’ve directed our efforts towards the knowledge graphs tool, which can structure all the concepts in the organization, either uploaded on the platform or existent in the Google Drive/OneDrive, to make it easier for every employee to find a specific concept in no time, by means of the so-called brain insights. Why have we implemented this? Because we know that when people need a piece of information, they want to find it right away, instead of going through all the training materials they have ever accessed. 

The tool is also an asset when it comes to an employee leaving an organization. In some organizations, there are a few or even one professional who has the expertise on a certain topic. When he or she leaves the company, the know-how on that topic is gone. With Knolyx, organizations can anticipate this issue as the person with the expertise can create learning maps before leaving the company, in which he or she assigns specific internal and external resources, files and channels to make sure that other employees are prepared to perform his/her tasks and to undergo an adaptive learning process. 

So, to put it in a nutshell, we have focused on creating a learner-centered platform, where every functionality answers to the nowadays learners’ needs. And we are happy that you’ve been here with us throughout this journey. We cannot wait to see what 2023 has to offer. 

Some (final) thoughts

If we have not met in 2022, let’s not lose another year. Book that demo, let’s have a talk and see what eLearning journey is on your mind. We can make it happen together.

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