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eLearning trends for 2023: what to expect and how to get ready

eLearning in 2022: let’s wrap it up

The past two years have drastically impacted the way in which we deliver learning, among other aspects of our lives that have been changed due to the pandemic and all the business changes that came with it. In times of major change, both businesses and universities switched to online learning, in an attempt to keep up with the capability building programs. People needed to be prepared to respond to new requirements, hence to develop new mandatory skills, which also happened in an online learning environment, with the use of learning management systems. 

We’d like to hear some stories about eLearning in 2022. What have you learned? What would you change? What eLearning tools have you used the most? What features have proven the most effective? What learning methods have you used? Would you recommend them? Would you change them in 2023?

We can start this discussion by telling you that we have learned a lot this year. We’ve had various clients from different industries, we have talked with people from industries with new perspectives on an effective learning journey, we’ve worked a lot on the knowledge graph tool because we’ve understood its importance in an online learning journey. 

People want quick access to information and we’ve understood that. Let’s say a company has been using an eLearning platform for over a year, with dozens of courses delivered and hundreds of learning resources uploaded. When specific employees want to find a specific topic, they might find it challenging to go through so many resources in order to find a specific concept.

Knolyx has anticipated these needs and came up with knowledge graphs that structure all the concepts in the organization, either uploaded on the platform or existent in the Google Drive/OneDrive, to make it easier for every employee to find a specific concept in no time, by means of the so-called brain insights. That was one of our major points of focus in 2022. And we are so curious to see what 2023 has to offer in terms of learning. So let’s go through a few trends. 

eLearning trends for 2023

Social learning will become a priority

Everything went on a remote mode. As much as people like working from home, without having to commute daily and with better management over their schedule, they miss social interaction. The face-to-face meetings. The brainstorming sessions. The complaining little chats in the office. Working together and learning from each other. Building on each other’s experiences. And social learning via eLearning platforms has been a great way to compensate for the lack of face to face interactions, bringing learners together in the form of group chats and ideas sharing sessions. So it seems that social learning is here to stay, and eLearning platforms have to pay more attention to the tools and features they provide to meet this outcome.

Mobile learning to encourage on-to-go learning

Mobile learning is convenient, it gives learners great learning opportunities, it offers access to learning resources anywhere and anytime and it is complementary with the way we interact with everything around us. We want to check on our friends, we usually use our phones. We want to buy something and we do not have time to walk around the supermarkets, we choose eCommerce. We want to read the news, so we search for them on the Internet. And we think eLearning should be up to date with the way people consume and interact with everything around. 

Soft skills courses

Soft skills represented a pretty big asset these years, right? Statistics show these too, with a November 2021 workplace learning index from Udemy showing that communication skills have been in demand in 2021. People have chosen to invest more in soft skills and they did this on various channels and platforms, constantly developing themselves. And with a business environment in continuous change, with technology growing exponentially, soft skills are likely to be in demand for many years to come, making them subject to various training programs. 

To wrap it up, 2023 will most probably keep focusing on the accessibility and flexibility of learning, with a focus on the learners and their needs, to make sure that knowledge is actually retained, and not wasted in boring, disengaging training programs. 

Some (final) thoughts

We love the eLearning industry, so we are here to stay. If you need to switch to eLearning or to a new kind of training journey, let us know.

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