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The journey of eLearning across the business world

Our journey towards the eLearning field

Have you ever wondered what the team behind an eLearning platform looks like? What did they want to become growing up and how did they end up working for an eLearning platform? How passionate should they be about learning to become a part of this business field? Well, let’s see. 

Once upon a time, there were a bunch of people working for an IT company, spending their days programming and programming and programming. Until one day, when the founder of the company said from now on, everyone focuses on Knolyx. And so it began. With a founder willing to invest in learning and to create a product that gets the boredom out of training programs, making learning fun again.

With experienced developers giving life to this product, designers creating the most intuitive UI/UX interface, QA experts testing everything all over again, marketers trying to find a defying story for the product, HR specialists keeping everything in place and advisors modulating the direction towards the (current) final version of the product. Creative people, passionate about technology, interested in how they could shape the traditional concept of learning, still brainstorming about what could be improved years after the product is launched on the market, always open to customer feedback. This is us, the people behind Knolyx.

Our customers journey towards eLearning

When we met each of our customers, they had different learning styles, different training needs, individual organizational culture, and a specific perspective upon what an eLearning product should look and do. And they are still different. Some want to deliver knowledge to international teams spread all over the world, some aim at having a better training process in place when it comes to mandatory learning programs, some focus on the learning resources, others on the evaluation and administrative process. And this is how eLearning looks from their side. 

It's awesome to have all your materials in the same place and create learning paths for your departments. Having detailed analytics and actually being able to see the progress of each "student" was a game-changer for me.

I really like that Knolyx has a custom live streaming solution and there is a possibility to provide different permissions for different types of users, such as s Trainer and a Student. Also, it's very cool that the guys from Knolyx created an account for our company that 100% aligns with our corporate design and their Customer Support is really dedicated. They chatted with me for hours until my problem with account customization was solved. I really appreciate that they extended my trial period so I could receive the best experience of using Knolyx.

The continuous support is extremely important. The Knolyx team is fair, flexible and prompt. The GUI of the platform is cutting edge - that was one of our most important points of view.

So, as we were saying, different customers, different needs, different perspectives upon learning, but all heading towards it and acknowledging its benefits. 

eLearning in other companies

Let’s take LEGO, because we probably all know it. Their mission is to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow, and what better way to do this than learning? They decided to invest in eLearning, which “proved the crucial foundation for building a powerful learning brand within the LEGO Group – and empowering employees to take ownership of their personal development to unlock their potential.” (source)

They value their workforce, and they want to unleash their potential, as the Group’s Learning & Development Manager stated: “We realize that people learn in different ways in the modern workplace, and we are on a journey to innovate what we offer and motivate people to explore what’s available.” 

So here’s another story about learning in a big company, valuing their people and realizing that a way to show their appreciation and support is to invest in learning. 

What’s your journey of eLearning across your professional development? We’d love to hear it. 

Some (final) thoughts

If you want a learning partner across the journey, let us know, we have some valuable insights in the field. :)

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