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Choosing an eLearning Platform in 2024: 5 Critical Questions to Ask

eLearning platform & new year resolutions

As we embark on a new year, many of us are setting personal resolutions, contemplating what skills to acquire and how to grow. But for professionals like you in Learning and Development, it's more than just a New Year's resolution – it's your daily mission. You carry the responsibility of crafting the learning paths for entire teams, shaping their professional journeys.

In this blog post, let's step into the shoes of an L&D expert in 2024. Whether you're actively seeking a new learning platform or reevaluating your current one, we'll dive into considerations that resonate with the reality of your role.

2024 eLearning trends to consider

In the quest for the ideal learning platform, it's essential to consider not only the immediate needs of your team but also the trends impacting the learning ecosystem in 2024. The intersection of AI integration, online and hybrid education, AR/VR technologies, gamification, EdTech, socialization tools, upskilling opportunities, mobile learning optimization, and data analytics is defying the landscape of education. As experts in the L&D field, your role demands a deep understanding of these trends, as well as how they align with your teams and their professional journey. Sounds pretty challenging, but let’s take them one by one. 

  1. How does the eLearning platform utilize Artificial Intelligence to personalize learning experiences?

Based on a 2023 survey assessing the influence of Artificial Intelligence on the learning landscape, it is evident that its significance has substantially increased over the years. Seventy-five percent of respondents acknowledged its value in enhancing learning outcomes, marking a notable rise from 67% in September 2019. According to the same article, the primary motivation for AI adoption in education is to enhance customer outcomes, with 75% prioritizing improved student experience, surpassing considerations of cost reduction (45%) and market disruption (43%), reflecting optimism for AI's potential to drive innovation and efficiency in education. What's the implication? It emphasizes that AI must be a crucial consideration in your eLearning roadmap for 2024.

  1. How does the eLearning platform incorporate gamification to enhance engagement and motivation among learners?

Gamification not only caters to shorter attention spans, which aligns seamlessly with our preferences for bite-sized content, but it also brings an element of fun into the learning process. The friendly competition, rewards, and personalized learning paths foster an environment where knowledge absorption feels less like a chore and more like an exciting journey. More than that, according to a survey on the effect of challenge-based gamification on learning, this approach significantly enhances students' performance by 34.75%, and the mere inclusion of a gamified application during a lecture yields positive benefits for students.

  1. Does the eLearning platform effectively cater to the needs of mobile learners, ensuring a seamless and engaging mobile learning experience?

In an era where our phones serve as versatile tools, incorporating mobile learning into our educational journey is a natural progression. Considering the use of smartphones, choosing an eLearning platform that prioritizes mobile accessibility aligns with the evolving preferences of modern learners, which ensures that education is as mobile and dynamic as the learners it serves. Also, studies show that mobile learners complete courses 45% faster than desktop users, highlighting the efficiency and flexibility that mobile learning brings to the educational experience.

  1. How robust are the analytics features of the eLearning platform in providing insights into student engagement, progress, and areas needing improvement?

In today's eLearning landscape, understanding the analytics capabilities of an LMS is crucial for informed decision-making. According to Big Data Analytics in Education Market Statistics (2023), the global big data analytics in education market is projected to reach $57.14 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of 15.3%. Big data analytics plays a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency, providing real-time insights, and supporting data-driven decisions in educational institutions, which make them a must have when choosing an eLearning platform. 

  1. How does the platform incorporate features or tools that support social learning, foster collaborative interactions among learners, and create a sense of community engagement within the digital learning environment?

Do you know that “65% of online-only students have never met with classmates outside of class and 50% have never even collaborated with others for a project, while 58% online-only students never interacted with their instructors outside of the class in comparison to 43% hybrid students?” (source) when choosing an eLearning platform, remember this: interaction is key. People learn best when they engage with others, share insights, and feel part of a community. So our reccomendation? Prioritize platforms that foster social learning for a richer and more collaborative educational experience.

As we wrap up this exploration into the world of Learning Management Systems, dear L&D experts, remember that choosing the right LMS is not just about features; it's about aligning with the future of learning. 

In 2024, consider these questions as your compass: Does the platform embrace the trends shaping the learning ecosystem? How well does it cater to the diverse preferences of modern learners? Is it optimized for mobile, acknowledging the ubiquitous role of smartphones in our lives? Does it leverage the power of AI for personalized and efficient learning experiences? Lastly, does it promote social learning, recognizing the importance of interaction and community in the educational journey? By answering these questions, you're not just selecting a platform; you're shaping the future of learning experiences for your organization.

Some (final) thoughts

If you're navigating the eLearning landscape or considering our services, we're here to make it easy. Feel free to reach out with any questions – we're ready to help you create an exceptional learning journey!

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