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eLearning trends for 2023: what to expect and how to get ready (2)

eLearning journey: 2023

Almost two months ago, we wrote an article about what 2023 has to offer to the eLearning industry, focusing on the importance of social learning, mobile learning and soft skills development. What we know for sure is that eLearning is here to stay and development in the absence of continuous learning is definitely a no go. But what does eLearning look like in 2023, what are the trends that we should focus on, what are the biggest challenges? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the key eLearning trends that are expected to take center stage in the coming year.

eLearning trends in 2023

Artificial intelligence & machine learning

As expected, artificial intelligence and machine learning are expected to play a huge role in the majority of industries in 2023, and eLearning makes no exception. These technologies will be used to personalize learning journeys and provide more effective learning experiences based on the actual needs of learners. Moreover, both artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used to determine tailored learning paths, and to recommend certain learning resources tailored to the individual learner’s needs, while keeping track of the learners’ performance. 

According to a study published in the International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education volume, artificial intelligence systems are a great tool to use in the eLearning industry, as they can personalize learning for students, while automating the repetitive administrative tasks, and powering adaptive systems.

However, the expectations in terms of interactions between students and instructors are still difficult to find, especially because they are essential in the online learning, which means that “identifying how students and instructors perceive the impact of AI systems on their interaction is important to identify any gaps, challenges, or barriers preventing AI systems from achieving their intended potential”. (source) This is something to keep an eye on this year, to see how artificial intelligence and machine learning are shaping the impact of eLearning. 

Microlearning is here to stay

We’ve talked about microlearning before, which refers to delivering learning in easily digestible pieces of learning content, making it a great learning asset for busy people who want to get everything done, while still integrating training and development into their day to day life. 

In 2023, microlearning is expected to continue to grow in popularity among learners, which is also a result of the fact that the global attention span is narrowing due to the type of content people consume. According to an article published in the Guardian, there’s so much content published daily that it exhausts people's attention, making everyone switch from one topic to another in no time. That’s why microlearning will most likely continue to be used in 2023, to improve retention and to make sure that the information actually reaches its target audience.

Collaborative learning

In a working environment where people do not interact with each other face to face too often, collaborative learning is, from our perspective, a must in the eLearning journey. Why is that? Because it involves bringing people together from different backgrounds, with different expertise, to work together on a common goal or to find solutions to a common challenge. We think that this will be an asset in every learning journey this year, mostly because it promotes a sense of community among employees, encouraging them to build better relationships, while leading to increased creativity and innovation. 

We hope all of us will be able to have great impactful, relevant learning experiences with long-term effects and increased levels of knowledge retention. We think these predictions will be part of the reality of the eLearning industry in 2023, but we also believe that this is an industry full of surprises, and we’ll surely have to be able to adapt. 

Some (final) thoughts

The simple fact that you are here, reading this article and trying to understand how the eLearning industry will evolve, it’s a great sign. Stay committed and make the most of your eLearning experience.

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