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Use interactive videos for your eLearning scenario

Interactive videos (LMS tools)

Are you constantly looking for new methods to engage your teams? Most companies are, as employee engagement is one of the main issue in nowadays corporate world. An accessible way to do that is represented by the interactive videos employed in the learning process by means of a LMS. Branching scenarios for videos in electronic media include real-life based problems and are structured to put trainees forward as problem solvers. And you can employ it using a LMS which suits your needs.

This integrates opportunities to use data in real life setting and also helps in the interaction between different learners. This process of interaction increases the engagement and it is highly recommended along with a gamification approach of the learning process.

interactive videos

interactive videos

Making a story isn't only an approach to keep learners focused on finishing a course;  it's also an opportunity to demonstrate them how a genuine circumstance will play out before it happens. Adequately reproducing a genuine affair is a capable instrument for learning planners, so interactive videos are always a good idea. And they are pretty easy to implement within a LMS, which focuses exactly on increasing the engagement rates.

Putting your employees into a particular scene from their workplace and permitting them to experience it lead to a form of accessibility and familiarity in solving a problem in that circumstance. Many existing branching scenarios for video e-learning courses utilise this procedure to get the most out of traditional media like photographs and normal videos.

Scenario-based learning

Ruth Clark sets out the primary components that make up scenario-based learning in her prevalent book, Scenario-Based eLearning.

They can be condensed as:

1. Clear learning goals. This is the first step you should take into account when employing any learning method, either it's traditional learning or online learning using a LMS: to set clear goals. Why? Because they ought to coordinate the general business targets and fit into the learning and advancement methodology. Ensure that you have a smart thought of the results you need from the preparation and can recognise the ways they can be measured.

2. Realism. It runs as an inseparable unit with interactive video. By utilising the correct condition and individuals who are included in the genuine circumstances you can viably put the learner in their workplace.

Sometimes, it's conceivable to utilise genuine representatives to make the interactive video training considerably more authentic. On different events, performing artists can help make an unprecedented circumstance more conceivable.

3. Inductive learning condition. They let learners make sense of the right activity in view of the results of their decisions. You should be aware of the power of giving a learner the chance to discover possible situation all alone because experimentation is one of the best and most effective way to gain knowledge. Interactive video can give the learner distinctive input in light of their activities, then offers an opportunity to attempt an alternate approach.

4. Direction and extra assets. It's conceivable to make an independent interactive video course which contains the assets a learner needs inside the video itself. In any case, it's regularly pragmatic to give the video as a major aspect of a more extensive arrangement which incorporates material that supports the learning targets in another shape.

A successful interactive video course will bring about quickened branching scenarios for videos, packing the encounters of numerous months into one instructional meeting. It's also conceivable to utilise areas of the course all alone for learners who need to revive on a specific subject, making additional assets without the requirement for extra content.

To achieve performance, interactive video content should offer these components of situation based e-learning in a LMS environment.

Advantages of interaction and interactive videos

  • Permitting individuals to settle on their own decisions through a situation attracts them to the circumstance by giving them a stake in the result;
  • It's critical to keep the situation important to the learners;
  • At times offering an intelligent component gives learners a chance to direct the circumstance in a way that keeps it significant to their part;
  • Arranging the diverse branches of the situation ensures distinctive results are reached to through the suitable courses;
  • Branch mapping is a system that permits instructional creators to plot the distinctive courses through the situation;
  • Very much planned interactive videos will energise and remunerate numerous perspectives so each branch should remain solitary as a situation without anyone else;
  • Lifeline utilises different on-screen interactions on to keep learners occupied with the story and ramified components like coordinated areas and scores for good decisions;
  • The interactive videos are accessible on desktop and as an iPad application and prizes advance with unlock able situations.

LMS Tracking

Branched scenarios for interactive videos help you utilise the right tools so that you could track the activities of a client and report them back to a LMS. This allows you to perceive how a single worker executes and additionally get a photo of how compelling the preparation is in various territories.

To ensure you can track learners' courses through the branching scenarios for interactive videos and offer proper support and input it's conceivable to consolidate an interactive video into an SCORM tracking e-learning composing instrument like Storyline 2.

By tracking the consequences of learners through the spreading video, regions of concern can be highlighted and also regions where extra preparing won't be important.

Some (final) thoughts

Scenario based learning basically explains how to put trainees into positions where they have to come up with solutions while listening to a complicated story and those solutions have to be very appealing. Branching scenarios and interactive videos are highly used in a LMS, as they are becoming very important in e-learning as it helps the learners to select their own learning; which is good for upcoming times.

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