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Knowledge graphs: turn information into valuable knowledge

Knowledge graphs: what are they?

According to definitions, “a knowledge graph is a knowledge base that uses a graph-structured data model or topology to integrate data”, basically putting data in contexts, providing a framework for data interpretation, analytics and sharing. At Knolyx, we believe that information should be easily accessible all the time, and we have decided to implement knowledge graphs into the platform, in order to provide an easy way to turn mere information into knowledge and knowledge into skills, while being able to access any topic existing in the platform whenever you want. 

knowledge graph dark 2
Knowledge graphs

Their usability in Knolyx

We have always thought that transparency is a necessary value in the relationship with our clients, so before giving you access to these knowledge graphs, we want to clarify how they can be used and what benefits they bring for the end users, as it follows: 

  • You can create learning paths using the knowledge graphs. How does this work? Let’s say that you want to deliver specific knowledge and skills to a whole team and you only have one person in the organization who masters the concepts related to this. If all the members of the team keep asking questions, the overall productivity level will decrease, both for the team and for the one expert in that field. With knowledge graphs, the expert can create learning paths, adding resources into the learning platform and assigning the concepts that need to be learned to specific learning materials. So, you can always bring resources into the organization using Knolyx, that will be further turned into concepts using the knowledge graph tool. Moreover, they "serve as a kind of organizational memory. In every organization, people change their roles or move on. New people interact with the data" (source). Thus, they gather concepts that can be further passed on to new employees, which is also really helpful in the onboarding process, when new hires want to familiarize with the work flows.
  • Also, you have discussion channels, where the knowledge sharing is highly encouraged and which further turn into concepts that are displayed into the analytics section using the knowledge graphs.
knowledge graph - Insights
Knowledge graphs in the Knolyx platform
  • It integrates with Google Drive and OneDrive. 
  • Insights will be available, meaning that the knowledge graphs will take over the concepts from the whole platform, structuring and displaying them properly. Moreover, you can filter the insights based on what’s more important for you at a specific time, and they can be filtered based on levels, type of media or the source they come from (only resources, only channels or only media files). 
  • They can summarize relationship between concepts, "so effectively and so efficiently, they can easily scale to accommodate more and more information, knowledge graphs being so truly unparalleled in their capability to express interconnected relationships". (source)
  • They enforce the decision-making process, because "when you connect different data silos, you can get insights that maybe you wouldn’t have previously. You uncover hidden insights and gain a more comprehensive understanding of relationships between data" (source).

To sum this up, as benefits, the knowledge graphs implemented into our eLearning platform will help your organization structure information easier, access specific topics anytime, and make information valuable by turning it into the actual knowledge that would help employees decrease skills gaps and increase productivity. Moreover, another huge benefit of the knowledge graphs is vizualization. Usually, people can graphs information easily and more effectively if they can structure it in a way that they can remember.

Some (final) thoughts

If you have any questions regarding the knowledge graphs and how your company can benefit from having this, let us know.

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