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Mastering Retention: A Journey Through Learning with Our eLearning Platform

Retention vs acquisition

Learning isn't merely about acquiring information; it's about the retention and application of that knowledge. In today's dynamic landscape, the ability to retain what we learn is as crucial as the learning process itself. Have you ever heard about the Learning Pyramid? It is a celebrated model in education, illustrating varying retention rates associated with different teaching methods. Let’s explore this Learning Pyramid together in an attempt to shed light on how online learning leverages these principles to ensure high levels of knowledge retention. 

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Step 1: Teach Others - 90% Retention

At the top of this pyramid lies something fascinating: we retain a whopping 90% of what we teach to others. That’s quite remarkable, isn’t it? So, how can we make the most of this during our online learning experience? There are indeed numerous ways to achieve this, but for us, one stands out: communities of practice. These communities aren't mere groups; they're spaces where active engagement, knowledge-sharing, and collective teaching occur, fostering a deeper understanding of specific topics and significantly elevating retention levels.

Step 2: Practice by Doing - 75% Retention

Continuing down the pyramid, practicing what we learn contributes to an impressive 75% retention rate. Here, we believe in the power of a perfect duo of features that aligns with this concept: the assignment engine coupled with the learning paths. These tools offer practical assignments and structured paths that not only aid in comprehending theories but also reinforce them in real-world scenarios, ensuring a higher level of knowledge retention.

Step 3: Discussion in Groups - 50% Retention

Halfway down the pyramid, the emphasis on group discussions perfectly aligns with our highlighted feature, the communities of practice, further solidifying the 50% retention rate. We believe the communities of practice feature encapsulates the essence of group discussions and more. Within our platform, these communities are dynamic hubs for collaboration, akin to social media platforms. They offer chat functionalities, access to advisors, dedicated discussion spaces, and a wealth of resources.

These communities go beyond traditional discussion groups; they foster active engagement and collective learning. Through chat-like social media features, learners engage in real-time discussions, seeking advice, sharing insights, and collectively expanding their understanding of various subjects. Moreover, these communities provide access to advisors or mentors who guide learners, ensuring a rich learning experience.

With dedicated discussion spaces and a repository of resources, learners can dive deep into topics, exchange ideas, and access a wealth of supplementary materials. In essence, our communities of practice feature amplifies the benefits of group discussions, transforming them into vibrant spaces for interactive and comprehensive learning experiences, ultimately enhancing retention levels significantly.

Step 4: Demonstration - 30% Retention

At the demonstration stage, we advocate for the efficacy of live-streaming sessions and webinars, serving as dynamic tools to showcase the practical application of various topics. These platforms transcend mere information delivery; they immerse learners in real-time interactions, effectively bridging the gap between instructors and learners. Through live streaming, direct engagement unfolds, enabling learners to interact with instructors, pose questions, and receive immediate feedback.

Step 5: Audio-Visual Learning - 20% Retention

Audio-visual learning thrives on the presence of a diverse range of learning resources offered in various formats. This essentially signifies the importance of presenting information through a multitude of engaging mediums to facilitate effective learning experiences. From interactive presentations and immersive videos to stimulating simulations and visually captivating infographics, our platform allows for a spectrum of visual and auditory tools.

By embracing this diversity, learners are not merely passive recipients of information but active participants in their learning journey. This multifaceted approach ensures that learners engage with content in ways that resonate best with their individual learning styles. Ultimately, this diversity cultivates a more comprehensive understanding and retention of the material, catering to the varied needs and preferences of our learners.

Step 6: Reading - 10% Retention & step 7: Lecture

While Steps 6 and 7, centered around reading and lecture-style learning, rely on studying text-based learning resources uploaded on our platform, this doesn't equate to dull or monotonous learning experiences. Text-based resources serve as a foundational pillar for acquiring knowledge, yet they are not confined to being mundane. We believe in augmenting text with complementary visuals to cater to diverse learning needs and amplify retention. Textual materials serve as a sturdy base for learning, providing comprehensive information. However, their potential is further enhanced when accompanied by visuals. And you can upload all sorts of materials to Knolyx, as we’ve mentioned before. 

Some (final) thoughts

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