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How To Create Learning Solutions Centered In Learners

A new approach to learning solutions

Often times when students in classrooms or employees in a work environment are tasked with learning something new it is done the old-fashioned way- with the teacher imparting their knowledge on the students in an instructor led manner. For many people this is not the most ideal way to learn something new.

When we center the learning solutions in the learners, we ensure that they are a part of the instruction, that their own knowledge and experience is validated and used as part of the learning process. This makes the onboarding of new information much easier. So how do we do that?

Tips & tricks for creating effective learning solutions

Empower The Students To Bring Content

By letting the students know the topics that are going to be covered and bring their own ideas, research and experiences to the learning session with them, it makes them more involved and engaged in the topics and they are able to retain more information.

This will also facilitate better discussions around the topic and allow the students to learn from one another as well as from the instructor, bringing them into the content and making them part of the learning experience.

Form Student Groups

By forming student groups and having them complete projects together, they are able to learn from one another and not just the individual teaching the program. This creates more dialogue between students or coworkers and facilitates the learning process.

By allowing the instructor to only guide the students and make sure they are on track it allows the learners to go at their own pace and revisit ideas that they may need to spend more time on. Sharing their own knowledge and experiences in this way also gives the students more than just the instructors point of view.

Have Students Assess Themselves

Among the well-known learning solutions, the most common way to assess what a student has learned is to give them a written test. You've probably done this while implementing various learning solutions. Instead of this, have the students tell you how well they have received the information, and what they could use more time on.

This will not only involve them in the process but will make them think about what they have learned and where their own gaps are.

Develop Games Or Competitions Around Learning

Gamifying learning has been one of the popular learning solutions used to make it more fun and engaging for the students, allowing them to learn through having a good time. Making competition between groups helps to bring a sense of urgency to the students and allows them to take control and become more engaged in the topic material. It also promotes teamwork within the groups and a sense of comradery between the students.

Incorporate Role Playing in your Learning Solutions

Role playing can be an extremely valuable tool especially in a work environment when employees are going through different talking points. Giving two people instructions on who they are to play and what their goal is and having them walk through the discussion gives them valuable practice and helps them develop skills with each other that they can then take out and use later on.

Have Students Present What They Learned

By having students or employees present what their group has learned or discussed in front of others not only gives them control of the learning but also helps them to retain what they have learned better. When the students present to others it fosters an inclusive learning environment and engages the students in the other groups better as well.

When students present material it also helps develop speaking skills that help when talking in front of other people and when it is done in a group environment it takes some of the pressure off and lets them speak more freely.

Encouraging students and employees to be part of the learning process and keeping them engaged through active participation is a great way for learners to take in new information and helps them retain it better as well in the process of delivering efficient learning solutions.

Some (final) thoughts

Everyone learns in a different manner and having the students learn from each other in group settings helps to diversify the teaching methods and incorporate more of the people in the class. Keeping the learning light and fun is always a good method for teaching and helping students and employees retain information.

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