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Learning types: learn efficiently

Diversity in learning types

As you already know, there are a lot of learners in classrooms and in the virtual learning activities and they don't all learn the same way. This recognition of diversity in learning types has transformed teaching for the better in every way.

Consequently, we can tailor instruction and assessment to meet the needs of individual learners and their learning types, and help them make the most meaningful connections to what we teach. In the traditional learning activities, this change is usually dependent on instructors and their approach to teaching, while in the eLearning activities, it is enhanced by a variety of tools which take into consideration individuals' learning style.

Our different learning types should be nurtured and identifying their characteristics can help make this happen.

Various learning types: what's the one that suits you?

  • Are you a visual learner? Do you prefer to see info and visualise the relationships between ideas? This means you can learn with charts and graphics, pictures, presentations highly visual and see the relationship between various points, displays.
  • Are you an auditory learner? Do you prefer to hear info rather than reading it or seeing it displayed visually? This means that you are an auditory type of learner, you like to recite information out loud to remember it, you like to repeat points back by asking questions.
  • Are you the type of reading/writing learner? Do you learn best when you read and write, interacting with text is more powerful for you than seeing images or hearing? This kind of learners like  to write answers to ''quizzes''. For these type of learners you should give a chance to write down what they have learned.
  • Are you a social learner? Do you prefer to learn in groups or with other people? Social learners prefer to learn in groups rather than on their own, and like generating ideas by brainstorming with others. If you like taking part in group sports and prefer social activities rather than doing things on your own, you may be a social learner.
  • Are you a solitary learner? Do you prefer to learn alone and use self-study? Solitary learners tend to be more independent and introspective, engaging in self-analysis to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

How can you fully benefit from your learning style?

Well, first of all, by putting it at the core of your learning approach, in order to make sure that the information doesn't vanish, but it goes directly to your brain and from there, it turn into valuable professional or personal skills.

An eLearning platform such as Knolyx provides you with the tools to learn in your own way, at your own pace (with the mobile and the web version), with your own type of learning materials (charts and graphics for the visual learners, live-streaming and webinars for the auditory learners). It also provides the users with communities of practice which are exactly what social learners needs.

Some (final) thoughts

Learning is effective when it suits you. When it achieves your learning needs. When it fills your skills gap. Keep that in mind when you choose a learning approach. And learning types make a different here. Try Knolyx with your 14 days free trial and see what features are suitable for your style.

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