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The era of Covid-19 and live-streaming

Live-streaming & the quest for adaptation in the covid era

You are all familiar with the notion of coronavirus by now, we know it. It's everywhere: on the radio and TV, on banners on the streets and somehow it has its place in almost every conversation you have. And as annoying as it might be, it's shaping our new reality, so it's not uncommon that it's on everyone's mind.

Also, if ever there was a perfect era for a live-streaming boom - this is it. As most of us have moved our activity at home, waiting out the coronavirus, we're trying to find new ways to stay up to date with information, to maintain the feeling of belonging to a community and to be aware of the evolution of our industry - and what better way to do it now than by means of live-streaming sessions?

Natalie Bazarova, a communications professor at Cornell University and director of the school’s Social Media Lab has talked about live-streaming, classifying it as “an extremely powerful way of communicating”, which allows for a two-way communication, even at distance, with streamers responding to questions or comments and viewers being able to intervene. (source)

Corporate live-streaming

The question is, how can you make the most of this tool at the level of your business? You can use it both internally, to build relationships among employees and enforce communication, and externally, for event coverage, marketing purposes and product training.

Also, you can use it for on-boarding, compliance training, informative Q&As and basically every type of training you intend to deliver, with a focus on interactivity and the possibility to ask questions and to discuss various perspectives regarding a certain topic. It can also be used for executive messages in order to share company updates, upcoming plans and opportunities in a virtual environment that is more effective than a formal e-mail.

We have clients using the function of live-streaming on Knolyx and they find it useful because the participants can leave comments on the chat section, share the webcam, use the whiteboard and take part to polls, while the trainer has the possibility to share his webcam, share his screen, use the whiteboard and presentations and create polls.

Some (final) thoughts

There is always a way to adapt to what happens in the business environment, find yours and keep investing in your employees and your goals!

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