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The best learning management systems (2021)

Learning management systems: what to consider

2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic have forced all of us to adapt to the new ways of doing things, starting from our personal lifestyle and all the way up to the manner in which we perform our professional tasks (on the coach, behind a call with the team nowadays).

Thus, moving to the online environment has become a must and a learning management system is probably what every company out there needs in order to keep up with training the employees from all over the world, delivering learning solutions based on the current global context.

When looking for learning management systems, you should keep in mind the reason you need one (either you want to train your employees, partners or clients, to make the onboarding process more efficient or to make sure that everyone is on the same page with the organizational culture).

Then, you should think of what your employees actually need (microlearning tools, mobile learning, opportunities of collaboration, interactivity, innovative assessment methods, etc).

Plenty of learning management systems to choose from


According to the eLearning Industry, TalentLMS works as an all-in-one solution for businesses looking to build training programs that will result in stronger teams. With this LMS, training is always available on the cloud, so that students and managers can access it anytime, anywhere, with the possibility of downloading the courses and taking them online.

They have various plans and pricing, so that you can choose what suits you best based on the number of employees and the features you are looking for.


The team behind Docebo knows how to keep up with technology and to adapt to the changes in the business world, including features such as Artificial Intelligence in their LMS. Among the learning management systems, this is award winning cloud-based LMS, with more than 35 integrations, with an intuitive reporting engine that makes the most of the training data, empowering the corporations to make the changes or the improvements they need in order to grow efficiently.


Looop is one of the learning management systems that enforce automation, in order to drive business performance which is essential for the growth of any company. They cover in-depth analytics reports to keep track of the engagement, intuitive dashboard to have an overview of the business impact, and customization possibilities to feel that the platform is something designed specifically for you.

Absorb LMS

This LMS started from the idea that learning solves business problems and they've come up with a lot of features and solutions during the years to support this idea. Among the features, they offer learner engagement tools, mobile app, observation checklists, and a lot of integrations that you can check on their website.


Last but not least, we're talking about us a bit. We think that Knolyx is what the learning field needs: an intuitive and engaging environment, a collaborative learning tool, a corporate growth enhancer. We work on improving ourselves constantly, based on what the training field needs, on what corporations what to achieve and on what the employees learn. Other than that, we'll let you discover the platform, just drop us a message.

eLearning is essential, you just have to choose wisely between the learning management systems to be sure it aligns with your organizational culture and with all the training needs you have established at the level of your company.

Some (final) thoughts

We know that performing a training needs assessment is hard and it requires more effort, but it is the only way in which your efforts actually pay off on the long term.

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