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Mandatory training & eLearning: an effective asset

Mandatory training: what is it? 

As many of you have already experienced, there are certain organizations whose type of activity requires that mandatory training programs are periodically delivered to employees. This being said, mandatory training is a part of the learning & development process determined by an organization to be a must for the employees to make sure that required policies and regulatory standards are met, including business areas such as health and safety, security, customer care, conflict resolutions, complaints handling and so on. 

There are many institutions that have implemented mandatory training programs, and institutions are one of them,  encompassing all governmental, statutory and industry bodies which run accredited courses for member organizations and professional bodies. What’s the biggest challenge for these institutions when it comes to mandatory learning programs? The management of the training programs, aiming at having full control on the delivery of detailed and highly technical courses, as well as reducing the time certain employees spend attending accredited courses, without compromising the learning experience and the training outcomes. 

The good news is that the stressful and challenging mandatory training courses can be turned into a smoother, simple and stress-free process for the company and the employees by using the right setup and tools offered by a learning management system. 

Mandatory training & eLearning

As mentioned before, traditionally, mandatory training has taken place in a face-to-face learning environment, being time-consuming, costly and hard to keep track of. This is where an LMS comes in help. Used by institutions and companies to deliver learning programs, eLearning platforms streamline the whole process, make it less costly and time consuming, ensuring full control on the learning process and even fostering internal communication in the case of some learning management systems, such as Knolyx. 

What can you do with an eLearning platform when it comes to managing your mandatory training programs?

  • Create and upload learning materials in any format that is convenient for you 
  • Assign certain training programs to specific employees based on their training requirements
  • Assess the learners, having an accurate perspective on their learning progress and their understanding and ability to apply specific concepts
  • Have a compliance and attendance analysis and reporting process in place
  • Send notifications to remind learners of their mandatory training
  • Set certain rules on the courses, such as how much time should be spend on each course
  • Give certifications to learners 
  • Nurture continuous learning among employees, ensuring that employees develop the habit of acquiring skills, knowledge, and abilities to help them become better at their jobs
  • Have an internal communication system in place, with the purpose of providing an effective flow of information between an organization’s departments and colleagues, while fostering social interactions

Our approach when it comes to mandatory training

We have been working with various organizations with vast experience in delivering mandatory training programs, we know what their needs are and we are constantly improving the platform so that it suits all of their learning needs. 

One of the tools which are highly used for the purpose of delivering mandatory training is represented by the business rules engine, in order to manage the training process and the relationship between the company and the person being trained. In Knolyx, business rules can be used for various learning entities, such as courses, resources, learning paths, communities of practice, quizzes and so on. The organization can use these business rules for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Assigning specific employee to specific courses and sending them a notification to know they have been enrolled
  • Setting up a mandatory time frame for finishing the course
  • Assigning diplomas for courses

Moreover, our platform fosters internal communication by means of the communities of practice tool, which increases employee contribution, gets people engaged and creates another dimension to the F2F workplace, implementing an online community at the level of the LMS. 

Some (final) thoughts

Delivering mandatory training is a tough and challenging task… if you do it by yourself. Luckily, there are eLearning tools that can prove to be your biggest support when it comes to organizing such a process, turning it into a smoother, more effective and interactive learning experience.

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