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Training Methods for Corporate Learning

Training methods for different learning styles

When it comes to learning efficiently, there is no one-size fits all as far as what works best for different people. Some people are visual learners, some learn by doing, and so on. Especially when it comes to jobs, learning is an important aspect of everyday life, and companies are finding new methods for their employee training programs.

Employee training and professional development will always be a part of the package when you choose to immerse yourself in the professional world, but some modes of training are found to be more effective than others. In this article I will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of different styles and training methods of corporate training.

Classroom Style

When it comes to employee training, one of the most common training methods used is the classroom style, where one instructor presents information to a group of students for an allotted period of time (the length of a “class”).

While the classroom style of teaching is a tried and true method for not only schools, but companies worldwide, there are definitely some downsides. One of these downsides is that people are often bored if they are required to listen to a speaker for more than a few hours. Generally, these types of trainings take up an entire work day, and employees can be extremely burnt out by the end of them.

There can also be problems with class sizes, as sometimes there aren’t enough instructors to make this style of learning quick and effective. If one instructor is teaching a group of hundreds of people, there won’t be as much opportunity for learners to ask questions if they fall behind.

Sometimes companies will implement interactive aspects to their classroom style training, such as exercises to do with your other table members. This is a good way to keep the attention of your employees if you find that the classroom style is the best fit for your company.


Often times, workers find it easier to simply learn while doing a job. Maybe one could not perceive this as a form of employee training, but it is. It's practical and it helps the employees to acquire hands-on knowledge.

Learning as you go can be one of the best ways for employees to retain information because, instead of watching someone else make a presentation of instructions, they are shown and then allowed to practice themselves. Some companies worry that this is too risky, however, because they don’t want an inexperienced person to be left alone in the field without having proper instruction first.


eLearning is one of the newest and most innovative employee training methods and modes of learning used by companies all over the world today. It has a high success rate, and is preferred by many because it dodges many of the small annoyances involved with other types of trainings. For example, eLearning allows employees to learn their material at their own pace, and they aren’t forced to cram a ton of information in their brains in one sitting.

Other benefits of eLearning include saving your company money and making information more readily accessible to your employees. This mode of online learning is desirable because companies will often spend loads of money on company-wide trainings and retreats where it’s necessary to provide both food and lodging. Employers will spend money on reproducing multitudes of learning materials as well, so eLearning saves energy, time, and money.

Furthermore, employees praise eLearning because the information is constantly accessible, rather than only being presented once at a training. Employees can refer back to their online training courses as often as they’d like, and work on completing it in increments that are convenient to their schedule.

Oftentimes, learners will become disinterested after trainings which may last an entire work day, and they might stop retaining information after the first few hours. Allowing employees to learn at their own pace and on paid company time is the best way to keep corporate training effective.

As many as 58% of professionals (who have tried their hand at eLearning) have noted how important it is for companies to have a quick way of implementing new programs and trainings. The corporate world moves fast, and so must its new ideas and innovations.

As most of today’s professionals use the Internet in their everyday lives, it seems only right that modern trainings methods involve the online environement. It’s convenient, cost effective, and saves companies a lot of grief when they don’t have to worry about setting up their next big-budget training seminar.

There are many training methods when it comes to delivery information within your employee training processes, but a thorough analysis of what is the most efficient for your company's learning and development needs is always required.

Some (final) thoughts

In case you have any questions on how eLearning could be implemented in your company, just drop us a line and we'll find a solution together.

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