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LMS Review from Adecco

Adecco Romania opened its first branch outside Bucharest in 2002, at Timișoara. They have been developing strong business partnerships with the most representative companies in Romania. Guided by their clients’ needs, they opened new branches in the big cities in Romania, having 15 branches at the moment. 2017 was the sixth year in which Adecco Romania was the local market leader, constantly adding new services and improving the existing ones, based on the complexity of the business environment. The leader position in terms of annual turnover, number of temporary employees and number of closed permanent placement positions is both an achievement and a responsibility. This position gives them the opportunity to innovate in terms of human resources subservices and to bring added value to their partners by each HR project. At this moment, Adecco Romania offers 360 degree HR services, from wages studies which provide accurate information related to the business workforce to outplacement services.


What was Adecco looking for when they decided to use an eLearning platform? With a professional activity centered around people, where new employees constantly join the existing teams, the process of onboarding comes with a series of challenges, in terms of the resources which must be taken into consideration. First of all, the traditional onboarding process takes a lot of time and it might be overwhelming for the new-comers, who might get confused when faced with too much information. What does this mean? That neither the company nor the employees fully benefit from the onboarding process, which might have long-term effects and might lead to high rates of turnover.


The solution? A partnership with Knolyx, which provides Adecco with an online learning platform to effectively deliver their onboarding, saving time and resources and giving new employees the opportunity to acquire the information at their own pace, thus ensuring a better retention of it. Moreover, the knowledge is delivered in an engaging format, which makes the process easier and facilitates the familiarization with their new working environment and the organizational culture of the company. Their LMS review with Knolyx offers a great insight into our collaboration.
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