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LMS review from ISF

The Institute of Financial Studies story The IFS supports the development of organisations, institutions and people who work or intend to work in the field of insurance, private pensions and financial investments, of the related activities or similar to the ones above and also in the field of risk management, human resources management and organisational management.

The mission of the Institute of Financial Studies (IFS) is to study the financial processes and mechanisms in order to identify the future needs and facilitate the training, the specialisation and professional evaluation of the people working in the non-banking financial system and inside ASF, according to ASF’s decisions and European standards.

In the long term, IFS aims to align its activities with the European requirements, to shift from accumulation of knowledge to the accumulation and assessment of skills, to provide professional training programs for the non-banking financial domain adjusted to the new organisational processes, determined by the legislative requirements, the market and European framework changes, contributing to the maturation of the non-banking financial market from Romania and for creating the ability of the market to face the competition triggered by the globalisation and economic crises.


Thus, the aim of the Institute of Financial Studies is to deliver valuable knowledge which can easily be turned into skills by means of professional training programs. So what were they looking for when they decided to use an eLearning platform?

- An accessible environment for delivering their content to their partners and clients;

- Analytics tools and training tracker maintenance to monitor the employees' learning progress;

- Compliance management tools in order to test to what extent the employees are ready to use the concepts and to turn them into skills for their daily professional activity;

- A context to promote and nurture a culture of continuous learning, where the employees from the financial services field are encouraged to constantly develop themselves;

- A learning environment in which the values they promote, such as professionalism, honesty, dedication and determination are fully engaged in the training programs;

- Support from our team of learning experts.


In the process of achieving these learning and development goals for their financial training programs, the Institute of Financial Studies partnered up with Knolyx, the eLearning platform which provides them with tools for effectively delivering knowledge to their partners and clients. Moreover, the platform keeps them in full control of the learning activity and progress, providing them with tools for both monitoring and testing the extent to which knowledge is delivered.
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