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LMS Review from RE/MAX

RE/MAX is one of the largest real estate companies in the world, and RE/MAX Romania, founded in 2006, is the first real estate company in Romania that created a learning academy, offering training programs to both salespeople and broker owners. Their collaboration with Knolyx covers more than 30 agencies in Romania and Moldova, which receive learning programs through the eLearning platform.


RE/MAX Romania wanted to deliver real estate training programs to both salespeople and broker owners in more than 50 agencies in the country and they encountered the challenge of offering accessible and continuous learning programs, with different business rules for the two categories of professionals.


Knolyx understood their needs and challenges, and has been offering them an user-friendly learning environment, which is fully accessible by means of the mobile application. The platform encourages them to do the following:

- to create content that can be distributed to employees based on their previously established business rules

- to use the live streaming tool

- to ensure the relationship between the Knolyx platform and their own website, transferring each badge that an employee received in the platform to the employee’s page on the website

- to have learning discussions on the courses

- to have full access to communities of practice where they can post announcements related to their real estate achievements and they can debate on various topics

- Also, the overall development of the organization has been impacted in the following way:

- The skills gaps were reduced by 60% after completing the courses.

- The employee training time was reduced by 45%.

- The accessibility of learning materials increased by 55%.
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