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LMS review from RBI

The Romanian Banking Institute is a leader in delivering training programs in the financial field, having trained more than 100.000 professionals until now. Their collaboration with Knolyx started when they decided to use a LMS to deliver these courses.


The Romanian Banking Institute addresses the real training needs of employees, professionals or personnel working in other sectors, each of the courses being made up of various chapters. IBR wanted to test the trainees’ understanding of knowledge after each chapter, as a mandatory requirement to move on to the following chapter. They also wanted to impose a time requirement in terms of finishing the course and to have a final exam at the end of the training, while getting in-depth reports for the employees’ learning activities.


Knolyx understood their challenge in terms of delivering mandatory courses and offered them the functionalities they needed, implying the following:

-IBR uses the streaming functionality to record their mandatory trainings

-They upload all the learning materials into the platform

-They set specific learning paths for the employees

-They use the business rules to implement a time requirement in terms of finishing the courses

- They use the analytics tools to get the in-depth reports they need

- They frequently collaborate with the support team for different things they need

Also, the overall development of the organizations has been impacted in the following ways:

-The employee retention increased by 45%.

-The employee training time was reduced by 40%.

-The skills gaps were reduced by 55% after completing the courses.
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