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LMS Review from Barnard College

Barnard College of Columbia University is a private women's liberal arts college in New York City. Dana Neacșu, PhD, is a professor of these College, and her collaboration with Knolyx started in 2018, with the purpose of delivering difficult concepts in an interactive way that could help students grasp the information easier and more effectively.


PhD Dana Neacșu had to deliver some really difficult concepts to both undergraduate and foreign students, concepts that were really difficult to understand. Thus, she needed an interactive and engaging way to deliver the information in order to be understood by the students. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic that closed libraries and universities was a major issue, challenging professors all over the world to keep being great educators in really difficult times.


Knolyx and its support team worked together with professor Dana Neacșu to deliver information in an interactive way, helping students to become familiar with the information beforehand and using visuals and graphics as a more engaging way to present specific notions. Dana Neacșu, now an Associate Professor of Legal Research Skills at Duquesne University School of Law, continued to use the three lessons with undergraduate and foreign law students. Each time the students found the lessons the most effective tool to impart the knowledge.The following feedback was received from students:

“The visuals were helpful to gain a better understanding.”

“The way it was well organized in diagrams and tables helped me clarify some information.”

“I think the outline for the visual presentation is the most effective.”

“Similar visual presentations would definitely be helpful to a student learning about a number of topics.”

Voice over could be added to the presentation.

Also, using a LMS developed the learning process in the following ways:
The effectiveness of the learning resources increased by 60%. The engagement rates increased by 30%. The overall understanding of concepts was raised by 60%
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