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LMS review from MMM Consulting

MMM Consulting is one of the top companies in the training industry, delivering valuable knowledge since 2003 and constantly improving their services. Thus, their LMS review important for us. On the improvement path they have been following, they have partnered up with Knolyx to deliver a modern, accessible and effective learning experience to their customers.


What was MMM Consulting looking for when they started to search for an eLearning platform? a collaborative platform; a user friendly and easy to use eLearning environment; training tracker maintenance; a partner in delivering their tailored made, modular programs; a LMS which encourages learners to communicate and share materials; a way to make knowledge accessible to their clients who work all over Europe.


The solution? Knolyx, a reliable partnership for dedicated training companies. Here's their LMS review on Knolyx which make us aim at improving constantly.  "Sometimes, because our programs take even one year [...] and we work with people who are spread all over Europe in international teams, we were looking for a collaborative platform.", Madi says. A feature of learning that we highly encourage and believe in is the mutual sharing of insights, knowledge and experience through communities of practice, where learners get to communicate. And this is also one of the features that Madi and her team appreciate: "This is what we found at Knolyx, a platform where not only can we upload all our materials and resources, but even our participants may upload their work, they are supposed to work in projects and communicate between them." Also, Knolyx responds to all needs, no matter to whom they belong: managers, trainers, students. "We discovered Knolyx as a user friendly and very easy to use not only by participants, but by our trainings as well", Madi says. Let's sum up the benefits that Knolyx has brought to MMM Consulting. "Collaborative platform, easy to use, easy to integrate learners contribution as well, not only ours, easy way to test their connection to the program because it has all sort of tracking opportunities and options and also the possibility to test, from time to time, in a very friendly way, the way they actually get into the course and take the advantage of participating in the program.
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