A platform that delivers an integrated LMS approach for education

You have to focus only on delivering the best training experience. Knolyx will take care of the rest.

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More teaching
With Knolyx, the sky is the limit. You’ll deliver online and offline content while you choose your formal or informal teaching methods. Spend less time on boring routine tasks by employing automation techniques.
Less worrying
You can easily maintain consistent quality standards by simply using one intuitive interface. Track records and customers, and bring your experience to the same place.
Your own approach
The freedom to use your own branding and create a unique offer is all yours. Ensure your quality levels and continuous improvement by using testimonials and reports.
Improve efficiency
Knolyx is designed so you can increase efficiency through the whole process. Your time is precious and now you can reduce the amount spent in creating courses or administrating your business.

Have a look at the features!

Upload and create courses
If you want to upload, do it regardless of the course medium. If you want to create, do it directly in the platform. Have your courses available across all devices and fulfill the evolving needs of the modern student or employee.
An engaging experience
Your retention and completion rates will improve significantly through a gamification system. It is designed to create a collaborative yet competitive environment. Choose how you want to engage students. Assign teams or reward high achievers for their own accomplishments as well as for helping.
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You have the control of importing customers, organizing students groups, define learning paths and set workflow approvals for course creation. You have access to accurate automation tools by which you can reduce time spent in administrative processes.
Asses and award certifications and diplomas
You have the freedom to assess students using your own methods of work or develop accurate exams together with customers. Carry your own brand in the certifications you award.
Diversity for your training delivery
Set off the creativity boundaries and deliver courses in your personal approach. You can choose the delivery way and format: online or offline, through blended learning techniques, formal or informal training materials, micro learning techniques and training habits.
Have an in-depth overview and improve
The business intelligence tools and advanced reports provided by Knolyx will help you get control over every aspect of your business. Moreover, you can encourage your clients to review your trainers and courses so you can always improve your offer.

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