Shorter calls, prompter teams, satisfied customers

Use eLearning to change your employee behaviour.

Shorter training periods

Give your employees accurate knowledge to make their calls more efficient.

Happier customers

You’ll solve the issues rapidly and the customers will be more satisfied.

Knowledge flow

Train your employees in real life scenarios to treat clients adequately.

elearning in call center

Features built for a better kind of conversation

See what’s inside the Knolyx learning systems

Features you'll love



Focus on efficiency! Automate the training processes and boost your agents’ productivity.

flexibility approach


Create personalised profiles for your agents and follow their performance through analytics.
increased accessibility

Full accessibility

Accessibility is essential for modern Call Centers. Access your learning resources no matter where you are.
engaged audience

Engaged audience

Keep your employees engaged in learning, so they can offer the best solutions to the customers.
blended learning

Blended learning​

Mix online and offline trainings and scale your Call Center by having prepared employees.

customisable approach

Fully adaptable

The platform is fully adaptable to your objectives and learning standards.