eLearning in education to motivate students to speak up

Use eLearning to change the way students think about education.

Teaching methods

The learning process is constantly enhanced by interactive teaching methods.

Your own approach​

Use your own branding and create a familiar environment for your students.

Quick delivery

Learners can define their own learning speed instead of following the speed of the group.

elearning in education

Features built for a better kind of conversation

See what’s inside the Knolyx learning systems

Features you'll love

automation tools

Upload and create courses

Have your courses available across all devices and fulfil the evolving needs of the modern student.

engaged audience

Engage your students

Give them control of their learning path and highlight the benefits of learning through technology.

continuous learning

Continuous learning

Sustain continuous students’ learning by providing them with the tools to facilitate it.

customisable approach

Asses certifications and diplomas

You have the freedom to assess students using your own methods or develop accurate exams.

flexibility approach

Blended learning

After having a course at University, let the students discover more by involving eLearning in education

engaging approach

On-the-go learning

Now, it’s easier to provide learning opportunities for the students. Do it anytime and anywhere!