Learning experience platform features

Accessible information, prepared staff, engaged patients

Knowledge flow

From nurses to doctors, put everyone on the same page in terms of knowledge

Up-to-date records

Upload all the medical notes to one place and update them anytime you need

Doctors-patients relationship

The doctor-patient relationship has never been easier and more accessible


Features built for a better kind of conversation

See what’s inside the Knolyx learning systems

Features you'll love



Focus on efficiency! Automate the training processes among your medical staff and their patients.
flexibility approach


Create personalized profiles for your doctors and patients and give them the information they need.
increased accessibility

Full accessibility

Elearning in health provides an accessibility which is essential in this field in order to get the best restults

engaged audience

Engaged audience

Keep your medical staff engaged in learning, so that they are always up-to-date with the latest practices.

Blended learning

Adapt Knolyx according to your own needs and learning standards and turn it into your asset. eLearning in health is great.
customisable approach

Fully adaptable

The platform is fully adaptable to your objectives, style and culture.