Now, the financial sector has a trusted partner.  

For many, increasing sales and satisfied customers, while rigorously keeping rules and regulation in place, may sound like a utopia. With Knolyx, this will be showed on your day-to-day charts.

Knolyx Financial Sector
Low risks
Your employees will develop an in-depth understanding of regulations and procedures, reducing your business risks significantly.
Be always ready to adapt
You never know what changes will be made in procedures and regulations. Stay prepared and quickly bring your employees up to speed.
Drive your sales through the roof
The title is a bit worn off, but there is no better way to put it. Enable your employees to develop a consultative approach to sales and watch your conversion and retention rates increase.
Level up the customer experience
By training your employees in real life scenarios, the clients will always be treated and managed adequately.

There is money to be made, so let’s cut to the chase. 
Here are the features

Intuitive design
This platform facilitates trainings, but it doesn’t need one. With a natural and familiar feel, you can seamlessly import relevant information and start organizing your training easily, right away.
Modern approach
Keep the audience engaged and rewarded along the training with the help of gamification, chat messaging, real-life training scenarios, blended learning, cross platform availability and micro learning.
Automation tools
Your time is precious and we know it. This is why you’ll spend less time on administrative or repetitive tasks. Define your employees learning paths, set automatic notifications and control procedures, all just once.
Fully flexible
You have the freedom to customize Knolyx for your needs. Whatever number of users and courses you have in mind, it can be scaled. Integrate 3rd party apps and systems and use internal or external trainers for online or offline interactions.
Advanced reporting
You have a complex overview on important financial aspects or employee performance with in-depth statistics and custom analytics. Also, overcome future events by exporting reports for further analysis.
Customizable experience
Knolyx will help you express your brand by personalizing it with your corporate culture. Create a familiar environment for your employees by using your brand, messages and style.

Don’t take our word for it.

Try for yourself and start enhancing your training process

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