An efficient platform for Call Centers

Shorter calls, prompter teams and happier customers

Knolyx Call Center Sector
Shorten the training period
Give your employees the most accurate knowledge and abilities they need and reduce their learning curve.
Higher call quality, happier customers
By constantly increasing first call resolutions, you higher your employees standards and this can only bring you customer satisfaction.
Increase fluency in new projects
Here’s another benefit of reducing the learning curve. You can now assign, train and prepare operators faster for fresh projects.
Knowledge flow
You’ll want this for building a strong corporate culture. Share stories of success and let your employees learn from past mistakes.

Features you'll love

Administrative processes can be very time consuming for you. Streamline trainings by defining learning paths, workflow approvals and manage student groups lightly.
You need absolute transparency in order to take the best decisions about what’s working now and what needs to be improved. The in-depth reports and assessments together with employees skills and competences tracking will help you overview your business future.
Full flexibility
We don’t set boundaries, so set free your creativity. You can fully customize the platform for it to satisfy your own needs and style. You are in full control and decide how to manage your trainings, while trainers and employees interact and get assessed.
Engaged audience
Break the boundaries of the old fashioned training style. Create an engaging experience for your employees through a new gamification and rewarding system. Its design is made to increase collaboration and friendly competition.
Offline learning
The real-life interactions are very important as well. Take the interactivity to real life training scenarios. Take it to the next level and link online student performance with offline trainings, assessments and certifications.
Fully accessible
Every customer has its own learning pace and, through this platform, you can enable them to study in their own time, across devices, without affecting customer support in any way. Even during calls with customers, they can use Knolyx to find answers for their burning questions.

Streamline your training process now

Try it for 30 days (free of charge) and, after this period, you can choose the features and price plan that works for your business.