Retail and eLearning for increased sales

The perfect training tool for optimized processes and happy clients

Knolyx Retail Sector
Commercial Compliance
With this platform you can ensure an in-depth understanding of compliance and regulations while optimizing store operations.
Refined Merchandising
Now, you will have an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior and product marketing for successful retail display methods.
Increase your sales
Your employees will use the appropriate sales techniques and comfortably up-sell and cross-sell.
The key to an increased customer satisfaction
Your clients deserve the best treatment, and now you can ensure it by employing real life training scenarios.

What about these features?

Automation tools
Save yourself from the time spent in administrative processes. Define learning paths for students, workflow approvals and set automatic notifications. Do all these things while easily managing the student groups.
We offer you the freedom to integrate 3rd party apps and systems, manage any number of internal and external trainers and scale up to any number of users you want.
Complete overview
Let your creativity run wild with the freedom of personalizing the platform according to your corporate culture. Using your branding and style, you’ll create a familiar environment for your employees.
Customizable experience
Personalize user experience according to your own corporate culture. Use your own branding and style to create a familiar environment for your employees. Integrate mystery shopper assessments in the platform
Engaging approach
Level up the training environment through gamification, chat messaging, and blended learning, cross platform availability, micro-learning and real-life training scenarios.

Without second thoughts, improve your results now!

Try it for 30 days (free of charge) and, after this period, you can choose the features and price plan that works for your business.