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Share the freedom to design your own e-learning experience with your employees, customers and partners, through Knolyx.

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Play  with  your  environment.  Redefine  it!
Play with your environment. Redefine it!
You have the freedom to design your own approach and define all process details. Satisfied with the result? Save and use the same template in the future to automate administrative tasks.
Add or import student information
Create different student groups or departments
Add or remove trainers
Design learning paths for students
Define workflow approvals for content creation
Create assessment and feedback templates
Your  training  portfolio
Your training portfolio
Explore, combine and create innovative ways of spreading skills by uploading or creating your own materials. Moreover, you have the possibility to add courses from the marketplace.
Upload your videos, texts or presentations
Create new courses in Knolyx
Design real-life, interactive training scenarios
Access Knolyx course marketplace
Get help from experienced training consultants
Maintain course standards using approval procedures
A  better  experience  for  you  to  deliver
A better experience for you to deliver
In order to have satisfied students, you have to deliver an engaging environment for them. Diversify training approaches by using our fully integrated platform. You’ll be able to effortlessly draw the line between online and offline student learning.
Create and deliver online or offline classes
Make learning available across different devices
Employ a unique gamification and rewards system
Appoint challenges to engage the audience
Encourage students to create learning habits (microlearning)
Create a comprehensive knowledge base
Communicate  efficiently
Communicate efficiently
We both know that an important part of the learning process is happening after the course, when the audience engages in conversation. You have the mix between formal and informal learning right at your fingertips.
Send automated, customized emails and notifications
Create student study groups and improve informal communication
Let students appoint rewards to encourage collaboration
Use reviews and feedback to stay informed
Allow trainees to request specific desired courses
Use recommendations to promote performant courses
After  the  course  is  done,  assess  and  award  diplomas
After the course is done, assess and award diplomas
You have the freedom to design custom exams or tests for each course. Employ custom evaluation methods for a precise assessment over your students, trainers and courses.
Create practical or theoretical assessments
Award customised certificates of completion
Measure training effectiveness through LRS (learning record store)
Use student feedback to improve your training offer
You  are  in  full  control
You are in full control
Having the results of advanced reports and custom analytics, you are able to take the best decisions for your business and your customers. You have a clear overview and control over the permissions for your trainers and students.
Monitor student progress and performances
Access and export in-depth statistics
Track trainer activity and performance
Manage training contracts and oversee finances
Keep your intellectual property safe
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