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Starts at
€ 5 940 / Year
€ 550 / Month
$ 628 / Month
$ 6 783 / Year
£ 464 / Month
£ 5 011 / Year
$ 881 / Month
$ 9 515 / Year
¥ 72 598 / Month
¥ 784 058 / Year
CA$ 798 / Month
CA$ 8 618 / Year
All features, plus
Users: Up to 100
Webinar: 5 hours
Video Groups: 2 hours


Starts at
€ 13 370 / Year
€ 1 238 / Month
$ 1 413 / Month
$ 15 260 / Year
£ 1043 / Month
£ 11 265 / Year
$ 1 982 / Month
$ 21 405 / Year
¥ 163 418 / Month
¥ 1 765 000 / Year
CA$ 1 797 / Month
CA$ 19 408 / Year
All features, plus
Users: Up to 250
Webinar: 7 hours
Video Groups: 4 hours
White label
Initial Setup


Starts at
€ 2 228 / Month
€ 24 063 / Year
$ 2 543 / Month
$ 27 465 / Year
£ 1 877 / Month
£ 20 272 / Year
$ 3 567 / Month
$ 38 524 / Year
¥ 294 135 / Month
¥ 3 176 658 / Year
CA$ 3 233 / Month
CA$ 34 917 / Year
All features, plus
Users: Up to 500
Webinar: 10 hours
Video Groups: 5 hours
White label
Initial Setup
Community Insights
Dedicated Account Manager


Tailored to
your needs

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All features


24/7 Support

We’re always here to help you!

Friendly tech support

We solve the issues, you keep the learning going

Flexible roles and permissions

You’re in control of assigning roles to your teams.

Departments hierarchies

Custom roles

Secure cloud hosting

You don’t have to worry about security issues.

No limits for: courses, resources, storage, tests

All learning resources are welcomed on the platform.

Automatic content backups

Keep your content safe, we take care of backups.

Mobile app

Have access to learning whenever you want.

Customer Success Representative

Migration Support

From any other solution to Knolyx in no time.

Service Level Agreement


Blended learning

Integrate online learning into traditional teaching.

Asynchronous self-paced courses

Learning elements discussions

Learner activity

Keep track of the learning progress.


Have access to in-depth reports.

Quiz engine

Make the evaluation smooth using the quiz engine.

Gamification with badge customisation

Enforce engaging by using gamification.

Recommended Courses / Resources

Business Rules Engine for every learning entity

You decide how the learning process is going.

Feedback templates 

Credentials/Diploma templates

Triggers events

Live streaming

Enforce live interactions within your organization.


Interactive learning resources for your employees.

Communities of Practice that use NLP

Foster social learning using communities of practice.

Multi-tenant - to be used for your clients

Integrations with Google Drive, One Drive

Get your corporate information in concept maps

Have everything structured in your organization.

Custom learning paths using concept maps

Assign resources to learning objectives and create effective learning paths.

Custom Branding

Let us know how you want to customize it.

Customise Your Price

You can find here the additional modules that you can add to improve your learning experience, with the option to calculate the price for them

Select package

Detailed pricing


up to 100 users


up to 250 users


up to 500 users


White label
Do you want an online learning environment that meets the identity and the culture of your organisation? Use the white label tool to make this possible.
Community of Practice Insights
Turn information into knowledge.
Search any topic and structure it properly with the knowledge graph tool.
Video Groups
Enforce live interactions with the video feature. The cost is calculated as it follows: number of users x minutes per each user = total cost you have to pay.


Hours / month

Host online events with your organisation using webinars. Training costs are reduced, learning becomes accessible and, as a bonus, the webinar tools is integrated with the communities of practice.

Hours / month


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G2 High Performer Europe Winter 2022
G2 High Performer Winter 2022

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  • knolyx mmm consulting madi radulescu

    Madi Radulescu

    MMM Consulting
    Collaborative learning platform, easy to use, easy to integrate learners' contribution as well, not only ours, easy way to test their connection to the program because it has all sort of tracking opportunities and options.
  • knolyx remax iulian berghian

    Iulian Berghian

    I've searched a lot for learning platforms and I find that the Knolyx platform is the best option for us. The main reason for which we've chosen Knolyx was that it is very easy to find information when we need it, you can organise and establish learning paths for newcomers.
  • knolyx emanuela savu

    Emanuela Savu

    Romanian Banking Institute
    Easy-to-use learning-app  with an intuitive interface and a very useful training tracker function.
  • knolyx alexandra copos de prada

    Alexandra Copos de Prada

    Moonstar Ventures
    Knolyx has been an amazing partner in developing together the most advanced learning experience platform for businesses looking to train their workforce. The platform’s modern look, simplicity and focus on a social and gamified learning experience make all the difference.
  • urgent cargus

    Ovidiu Vasile 

    Urgent Cargus
    Knolyx product has streamlined our processes, reduced costs, and provided our users with an intelligible learning experience. Through Knolyx, we managed to deliver courses more easily to all our employees and partners, and made the induction process more efficient.
    hello world!
  • Eva Williams

    Eva Williams
    The Knolyx learning management system offers a mix of advanced features and a contemporary UI, as the developers focused primarily on making the user experience as convenient as possible. - read more
  • Mirona Agachi

    I like two things best: 1/ With Knolyx, you have the ability to curate the content that your learners receive, limiting overwhelm and promoting a sustainable learning curve. 2/ Knolyx is fully gamified, where you can add interactive courses, have your learners take quizzes and then reward them with progress pages!
  • Clementina Anghelache

    Learning Network
    Knolyx changes the perspective upon learning: from static to dynamic, by means of interaction and gamification. Learners are constantly encouraged to become an active part of the training programs, to gain knowledge and to test their learning progress. Moreover, social learning is enforced through communities of practice, which is really valuable for us.
  • Tetiana Divnych

    Events Terminal
    I really like that Knolyx has a custom live streaming solution and there is a possibility to provide different permissions for different types of users, such as s Trainer and a Student. Also, it's very cool that the guys from Knolyx created an account for our company that 100% aligns with our corporate design and their Customer Support is really dedicated. They chatted with me for hours until my problem with account customization was solved. I really appreciate that they extended my trial period so I could receive the best experience of using Knolyx. It's very nice that users have the possibility to ask questions when there is a live video session, meaning that Knolyx builds really great relations between a speaker and students. Thanks for creating such a useful product!


What is Knolyx?

Knolyx is the LXP that offers the learning infrastructure and innovative tools such as communities of practice, live streaming & knowledge graphs to improve the training process within your organization.

How difficult is the process of learning how to use Knolyx?

It is not difficult at all. Knolyx was developed to make the learning process easier, not the other way around, so one of its main features is the fact that it is an intuitive and easy to use e-learning platform. Anyway, if you have questions, we are here to help.

What industries should use Knolyx?

Industries do not have to adapt to Knolyx, we adapt Knolyx to each and every industry. We have worked in the financial industry, in education, in retail and IT companies, so we’ve learnt that this interactive LMS fits a variety of needs and objectives. Tell us yours.

Can the users communicate between them?

Indeed. We encourage communication, so we’ve created communities of practice where people with the same professional interests can share business insights or anything they want.

Can we keep track of the users' activity?

Yes, you can. You can monitor students’ activity and progress, you can generate activity reports and access in-depth statistics. Everything is there.

Will Knolyx’s mobile app work on my device?‍

Definitely. iOS or Android fans, you all have access to Knolyx on your devices.

What if I go over my user limit?‍

Don’t worry about this! We’ll send you a message at the beginning of the next pay period and give you a chance to upgrade your plan before charging your card.

Do you offer a free trial?‍

Yes! We’ll have a demo to show you the platform, and then we’ll set you up with a free trial to test it for yourself. Why the demo? Because our most successful clients were able to get more out of Knolyx, after having someone show them around.

Who is considered a user?‍

Anyone who can access your courses. If you need to remove certain users, you can archive them at any time, without losing their record. You no longer have to pay for old users.

24/7 Support - happy to help you succeed in your recruiting efforts.

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