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eLearning in Higher Education

Why eLearning?

Education. This is a concept that rings a bell for all of us, from your grandparents to the 7 year old child who lives nearby. We all have school related memories and even if some aspects are similar, the environment has changed a lot during the years.

Why? Because we live in a digital era which imposes massive changes to a series of other fields, including the education sector. And even if the primary schools and the high schools can stick to the traditional ways of teaching, with students and teachers getting involved in the educational process in the same classroom, the higher education system can allow students to also develop in the comfort of their own homes, using eLearning.

This way, the access to learning resources is facilitated and the learning process in contextualised and adapted to the actual global context.

higher education elearning

higher education elearning

eLearning benefits | webinar with Adrian Sita

We are aware of everything that’s written above, so we developed Knolyx, a learning experience platform which meets the needs of the higher education sector, offering a variety of tools which enhance the active learning, along with greater accessibility and flexibility for both the students and the professors.

We’ll talk about the benefits of eLearning, the changes it bring and the ways to make the most of this approach during a webinar organised by the HE.RO team.

See you there!

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