Knolyx on eLearning Industry

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What do people think of Knolyx?

Knolyx has been reviewed on eLearning Industry, based on the customer experience, usability and usefulness. The users highly recommend it for the benefits it brings:

  •  it provides the knowledge seekers with an adaptive and continuous learning
  •  it provides a friendly user experience
  •  it’s easy to use, having an intuitive interface
  •  it’s suitable for corporate training
  •  it offers in-depth analytics tools
  •  it is centered around people, offering communities of practice


knolyx on elearning industry

An overview of its features

  • Various supported learning types:  Asynchronous Self-paced, Asynchronous Instructor-led,  Synchronous Virtual Classroom, Blended Learning
  • Mobile learning support
  • Gamification tools: Badges, Rewards, Leaderboards
  • Reports: Training Record Maintenance,  Exporting Reports in variety of formats, Email delivery of Reports
  • Customization
  • Various interface options: Multilanguage Support, Media embedding settings



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