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LMS Webinar: How to move from traditional training in online environment​

The world as we know it has changed these days and we all have to adapt. What's the most suitable solution for companies all over the world? To continue their professional activity, but to move it in an online environment. Keep working, but #stayathome.

lms webinar

We know that adapting to change is a challenging thing to do, now more than ever, given the circumstances. Thus, we want to make it easier for everyone. That's why, along with Learning Network, we're organising an webinar to talk about what's the easiest and most efficient way to align with the nowadays requirements by learning and working online.

The webinar will be held by Adrian Sita, the founder of Knolyx and an Agile & Scrum Master trainer, who has experience in the eLearning fields and in the training industry.

Save your place for this LMS webinar right here and see you on 31 March, 12:00 PM.





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