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Functionalities: video groups

Video groups

The online environment has been evolving for some time now, but with all the changes imposed in our lifestyle by this Covid-19 pandemic, the virtual space has become essential. That's why we've been working on improving the live-streaming feature on Knolyx, to be the environment you need for properly deliver your trainings and keep your employees engaged.

Knowledge is still essential, social learning is more important than ever and keeping employees connected really matters. It's easy to say it, we know, it's harder to keep all of them in place and implement the changes you need to make these happen in your corporate environment.

What's the video groups function? It's a tool that enables the users to take part in recordable video conferences. Also, when talking about a streaming section, in can either take the form of a webcast or of a live-streaming. What's the difference between these two?

A video group session can take place only one time in a specified period of time and cannot be recorded. The webcast can be accessed many times after it’s finished due to the fact that it can be recorded.

During video groups, the participants can can leave comments on the chat section, share the webcam, use the whiteboard and take part to polls, while the trainer has the possibility to share his webcam, share his screen, use the whiteboard and presentations and create polls.

video groups

video groups

Other functionalities of video groups


On the right side of the screen there is the People section – the list of users that are currently assigned to the room.


Also in the right side of the screen there is the Files section which acts as a container where the trainer and the other members of the streaming room can upload files.


Vide groups rooms have a built-in chat that can be used by the trainer and the participants of the room and it can be found right under the main screen by pressing the “ Feed “ button. This acts as the public chat of the room.

The video groups feature is available on Knolyx - LMS and is waiting for you to make the most of it during your learning & development programs. Drop us a line and let's see how it could work for you.

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