Your eLearning offer for Black Friday: a great option Your eLearning offer for Black Friday: a great option
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eLearning offer for Black Friday

eLearning offer for Black Friday


eLearning offer: It's time for a huge discount!​

elearning Black Friday - It's only November, one more month until Christmas. You cannot steal Santa's joy of bringing gifts, save this great pleasure for him. But you can bring knowledge. To your employees, to enhance their professional development. A gift on long-term.

elearning offer

We have a 50% discount for you and your company for the 1 year subscription. Why should you buy it?

  • It gives you and your teams an environment for acquiring knowledge and using it at its full potential.
  • It provides you with modern tools which make learning stick and enhance knowledge retention.
  • It encourages professionals to speak up their minds and to share their insights with their peers.
  • It is adapted to the nowadays business requirements and it's never left behind.
  • You give your teams an eLearning solution which puts their learning needs and their individual styles at the core of the learning process. And the human resource is a fundamental one, keep that in mind.
  • And, most importantly, knowledge is a gift on long-term, probably the most valuable one you can offer to your employees.





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