Retail and eLearning: an effective team

Prepare your teams to offer enlightening experiences to the clients

Refined Merchandising

Use proper content to facilitate a better understanding of consumer behaviour.

Increase your sales

Improve your employees' efficiency through trainings and enjoy a sales increase.

Customer experience

Seamless learning experiences for employees lead to greater customer experiences.

Features that meet the modern learning challenges
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Get acquainted with Knolyx and turn its features into your corporate training assets

Features you'll love

Automation toolsAutomation tools

Save time by defining learning paths for employees and by setting automatic notifications.


Integrate third party systems, manage any number of internal and external trainers and scale up to any number of users.

Complete controlComplete control

You have access to a complex overview on retail staff performance, using the analytics.

customizationCustomizable experience

Provide tailored learning experiences to your employees to suit the company's needs and objectives.

Engaging approachEngaging approach

Level up the training environment through gamification, chat messaging, and blended learning.

Increased accessibilityIncreased accessibility

Let your employees study in their own pace, while accessing a company-wide knowledge base.