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Who's the learner this time?

Does it matter? It definitely does. We all need training programs and opportunities to gain more knowledge, this makes learning universal. But what makes it unique is the fact that the learning style, goals and needs guide its delivery.

Knolyx is a LMS which provides a variety of features based on who you want to train. Your employees, your partners, your clients, that's up to you. We just come with a suitable environment and tools for you.

Have a look at the list below and see how Knolyx can contribute to the management of the learning process you need to implement.

Employee training

This is and will always be a corporate necessity, not only for L&D professionals, but for every employee who wants to develop. With Knolyx, this can be done in a modern and engaging environment. Check out our features and find out why Knolyx is the right employee training software for your company.

Onboarding training - process

The onboarding is a challenging process both for the company and for the new hires. But you can make it easier with the right tools. And Knolyx provides you with them. You can deliver information in a way that's not overwhelming, making the new employees feel that they have the knowledge they need for a great start.

Remote workforce training

"We have teams spread all over Europe, how do we manage the training programs for them?" We've heard this question before and we know that it's a major issue for every big company. We think that knowledge shouldn't be limited by time and space and we implemented this belief by means of Knolyx, which offers full accessibility, no matter where your teams are, by means of live-streaming, webinars and other such tools.

Partner training

Being on the same page with your partners is essential because you need to work with people that fully understand your organization and product. And we offer you the features to do exactly that, by means of modern administration tools, intuitive overview on anything you need and in-depth analytics and reports.

Client training

Training your corporate clients is a way to speak directly to them, not by means of marketing & selling, but by actually delivering them the information they need. And what better bridge between companies than proper knowledge, valuable to both parties?

Formal training

In formal educational environments, information is delivered, but is it properly received by students? Most of the time, it's not. By means of our LMS, students are not only the receivers of information, but also active participants in the learning process: engaged, involved and ready to assimilate theoretical concepts. On the long-term.

Financial training

Besides numbers, numbers and numbers again, the financial professionals must deal with regulations, operational risks and specific procedures. It sounds overwhelming and it might be, but with eLearning, these regulations are effectively put into practice and these operational risks are reduced.

Communication training

How do you make the call-center activity more efficient for both employees and customers? Well, you effectively train your employees, so that THEY can make it efficient by the proficiency knowledge delivers. Shorter calls, prompter team, satisfied customers: accomplish them by means of eLearning.

Sales training

You have great employees, a great product and yet, something's missing. The bridge between what you have and the people whom you want to target, which is knowledge. Get to understand consumer behavior, to enjoy a sales increase and to have prepared employees with eLearning.

iHealth training

Doctors, medical staff, patients: a lot of people who should function by means of the same knowledge flow. And, again, knowledge comes in help. From nurses to doctors and patients, put everyone on the same page by training them in an online environment, with information that is accessible for them anytime.

Tech training

Tech people are always in front of a device, so training them in any other environment than the one that is familiar to them would be pretty weird, right? With Knolyx, the knowledge they need is one click away, always accessible, waiting for them to take a break from coding and start engaging with information.

Compliance training

When you think all your employees are up to date with regulations, something new appears and you must provide them with the actualised information. Knolyx offers you the environment to deliver it rapidly and effectively, nurturing a continuous learning culture. Moreover, it has compliance management tools to test their progress.

Continuous training

As you well know, learning should be a constant in both your professional and personal life. And companies that are aware of this implement a continuous learning culture among their employees. Learning is for a lifetime and we, at Knolyx, know that, so we've created the tools you need to to make the most of this.

Social learning

It is recommended that this is a part of every learning process, but we want to specifically focus on its importance. And to do that, we've created the communities of practice features, an environment in which ideas are fostered and sharing knowledge between professionals is empowered.
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