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Education for all: Lord is learning


Education for all: Lord is learning


Who said dogs can't learn? We surely didn't. Because here, at Knolyx, even Lord, our friend is always up to date with what happens in the eLearning industry. If you don't trust us, check for yourself. :)



Can you organise virtual training sessions or only face to face trainings?<br>

Yes, you can choose an online or an offline training session. We use Knolyx, an e-learning platform, to make the process of online training and mobile learning delivery as efficient as a face-to-face training session. You can check here a complete list of features set.

Should we deliver online or offline classes?

That's up to you. We offer you an efficient learning environment and you can use it according to your needs: either online or offline. Nobody knows better than you and your team what you need, so we do not imposed some predefined criteria, we adapt to yours.

Can you customize courses to suit our particular requirements?

Yes. We offer training consultancy and we establish the most appropriate courses according to the specific needs and business objectives of your company.
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